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Is my penis base getting lower relative to my belly button?


Originally Posted by marinera
That is something that anyone can understand at the first read.

And FYI, Spaniards are people from Spain, they are not Italians (which are people from Italy) neither Arabic neither Moors (which is a medieval term for African Muslims).

My Spanish grand parents had TWO set of parents themselves each of the four great grandparents was from somewhere else, one was Italian, the other on my mom side Arabic, and yet the other two’s history was lost from us, presumably just plain ole Spanish .. Anyway its not too difficult a concept to understand.

I am American of Mexican descent, My Grandfather was Spanish of Italian descent.

Can I just learn to grow my dick now? I’m really sorry I called you a fancy Mexican.

Originally Posted by insecurewith9

I will obviously do some research as I’m sure we ALL are still doing .. I stand by my comments as they were written because Marinera’s post was so poorly written, however I will consider what he MEANT to say as truth.

So for my and anyone who cares to understand PE information here’s what I’m hearing:

You meant ‘for me’, not ‘for my’, right?

Originally Posted by insecurewith9

The Penis is anchored by a root (ligament) possibly at the very end internally next to the anus, it is then tethered by another suspensory ligament at the pubic bone, which we DO NOT want to cut, but we do want to tear? Make longer? OR is that a fixed point to leave alone and somehow target and elongate/enlarge the tunica albuginea by (in my case) hanging a 15lbs weight to the middle of my shaft? And if the latter question is the correct method then am I not hindering the results by not stretching out my whole penis by attaching only to the gland rather than just the 1/2 above the hanger. Or even further why hang at all when we can Jelq and target the tunica albuginea without messing with ligs?

Nope. You don’t want to tear the ligament because serves to nothing for erect length gains. And there isn’t an internal ligament, your CC are tied to the ischiopubis rami. And it is the glans, not the gland.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Knowing what you now know about hanging, there is no fucking way you should be hanging 15 pounds. Best to put the hanging aside until you know more about what you are doing.

Hi Thunder. Pleasure is mine.

I started with 5lbs, then I went to 10lbs and it still just didn’t seem to be giving me any soreness anywhere.. It was more from the wrap than anything. Now I have made a breakthrough in my wrapping technic that enables me to hang with comfort and so I put on a 15lb kettle ball .. Still not much of anything going on except for when I do BTC THEN at-least I begin to feel like my pubic bone ligs are getting some fatigue, but it seems that I’m barking up the wrong tree.

Straight Hanging I have put up to 25lbs on my penis and although I feel pressure it doesn’t seem to be working anything, I’m afraid that much weight will be fine until suddenly It’s not so I don’t try it again.

Originally Posted by insecurewith9
Italy over here is just a fancy Mexican

:-P Well at least he isn’t Australian!

The idea with hanging is to use as light a weight as possible to generate stress/fatigue. Jumping up in weight is more likely to either cause an injury or toughen up your tout and make it hanging resistant. Adding more time in the hanger rather than adding more weight is the way to go. How long have you been hanging and how many hours per week?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I’m thinking everyone’s physiology is different .. 5lbs is nothing to me, I can literally swinging it like nothing, maybe even do the “helicopter” with it if I wanted to risk knocking myself in the jaw and out cold.

It’s not that I’m awesome or anything (although I most probably am) or that I have a high threshold for pain (as I know I do) because it causes no pain, no soreness, no fatigue, nothing anywhere.

I read somewhere “Thicker cables can withstand heavier loads .” 15lbs feels like something is possible, for me that might be a good starting point, I’m trying to gather what exactly I’m supposed to be targeting

Iamaru Good onya mate! Thanks for chiming in!

I hang approx 2 hours broken up into 2-3 sessions morning afternoon and night, everyday unless I can’t due to schedule or laziness .. I’ve only been hanging I dunno 2 weeks or so maybe 3 tops.

My Phallosan forte turned out to be crap what with the defective silicone sleeves and lousy customer service .. Otherwise I’d be putting in 10-16 hours a day 6-7 days a week on this sucker!

Vengeance comes in mid April!

My fiance is pregnant with my 4th kid (thank you, my little princess is due first week of February :) ) and her puss HAS to pay!


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