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is jelqing enough?

is jelqing enough?

Doesn’t jelqing give a little stretch as well as work on girth? in a full jelqing routine experience, with different grips and erection levels, does one adequately stretch to get length gains? I was doing the whole newbie routine and it definitely helped me gain some length, but i felt like i was “stretching too thin” and now i only jelq and kegel and do the uli squeezes.

I also have something where i kegel and then clamp at the base to trap the blodd and hten kind of squeeze the head to send more blood into the middle shaft area. This makes veins stand out.
Does this do anything useful?

I found i can reverse jelq by doing something similar to this as well, starting at the top and forcing grip downwards towards clamped base (clamped with opposite hand)

I think i will continue manual stretches but they are boring to me. I do a few jai stretches whenever I shower. Is 2 or three manual stretch excercises a week enough?

I also do jelquing morning and night as much as possible with off days at least every 3-4 days.

Jelqing might work for you in the beginning but after a while your penis may need extra stimulation through other exercises.

What about this reverse jelq technique? “clamping at base with tourniquette grip and jelqing or squeezing down from the glans, so that the pressure builds toward base.. “You know, to counteract the donut effect, it seems in reglar jelqqs the top end of the dick gets the most expansion.” is a “clamp grip” at the bottom necessary or beneficial?”


Is the moderate stretch/jai stretch that comes with low erct level jelqing sufficient to keep length gains and maybe get more without lots of manual stretching?


Is one day on, oneday off too weak of a routine

And finally:

I can never seam to get 200-400 jelqs in a session let alone a day. I try to go til i feel “fatigued” I have noticed i need a pretty eret wang to get a good feeling of girth or glans expasion. Maybe im squeezing too hard? Or not enough?

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