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Is it safe to drink after PE?

Is it safe to drink after PE?

Can drinking after PE have any negative effects?

Not unless you’re drinking with your dick .

Drinking before PE or PE-ing while drunk is a bad idea. But afterward? No biggie, in my opinion.

(Although drinking too much obviously can’t be good for you, or PE, but that goes without saying.)

It is generally accepted the more hydrated you are the better your flaccid hang.

You would think drinking alcohol, since it dehydrates you, would cause your dick to shrivel up. But I seem to remember some threads on here talking about huge drunken flaccid hangs, or possibly day-after-binging big flaccid hangs? Maybe I am mis-remembering…

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Also, many times when drinking, I have stuck my dick in a fat girl, which is never good.

I PE whilst operating heavy machinery, so for me it’s a no.

All I can really say is don’t drink after an extensive kegel session. It’ll increase the amount of time required for the kegel muscle to heal and you could (potentially, but unlikely) get weaker erections. Bodybuilders don’t drink after their most heavy workouts because they know it’ll weaken them for days.

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