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Is it possible to gain just by doing manual stretches.

Is it possible to gain just by doing manual stretches.

May sound dumb but I would almost feel better doing 20min of manual stretches ( left,right,up,BTC ) then doing the OK sign and jelqing for 20mins plus 10 of stretches. I’m also thinking maybe to do dry jelq one week then wet the next and keep changing. Any ideas would be nice thanks.

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What’s the problem with doing jelqs? Even if you are interested in length, jelqs are very beneficial- at low erection they can give you some millimeters. They are also good for some fresh blood pumping- dick after even 10 jelqs looks more healthy in my opinion.

To main question: yes, you can gain only by stretching. I am too doing mostly stretching and gaining length and girth (maybe because of doing a little dry jelqs). If you feel better after stretching, do it.

Try doing some reps of jelqing before you stretch, after the warm up ofcourse, you will feel that your penis is easier to stretch, just try it.

Can you gain with just manual stretch??? Of course you can. Start with the newbie routine, Eventually you’ll want to increase the time/tension to make further gain, if your hands can’t maintain the stretch for 4-6 hours, you can put on a traction device like hanger or extender to keep it stretched, your hands now can have a rest, eventually you’ll condition your arms to do very long sets of manual stretching and the devices are no longer indeed nescessary (you can do it any where- any time, all you need are a penis, a hand with an incredible endurance, a door with a lock.) but remember to work up slowly, baby step. because your blood vessels and the sensible nerves inside the penis need time to adapt to the pressure from the exercises, don’t give up and eventually you’ll have a bigger penis, I’m not a native english speaker so some time it’s more difficult to understand. Hope this helps, And one further last thing: Read “Trick and Tips for manuel strecthing”.

Hope some vets will come in and correct me if I’m wrong to give the best advice for you.

I think you can but without jelgs then it can be long long long way. You can but prepare yourself. I only do streches and jelgs. Start 5.8 x 5.2 NOW 6.5 x 5.5

Dia 1/Day 1- 15 mayo/May 2013- 15 cm X 13 cm. Ahora/Now- 16cm X 13.7cm.

The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

Any good stretches for girth gains or exercises like squashes

I don’t know about everyone else but gaining length aint to hard its girth that can be the bitch to gain. I don’t want to use any tools and I don’t have the money for that stuff.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

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