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Is "7 x 5" enough to satisfy women


Is "7 x 5" enough to satisfy women

Just curious what you guys think. These are my goal stats, a length increase of one inch and girth increase of half an inch, and from a lot of the success stories I have read around here it seems like a realistic expectation if I dedicate myself to it.

Do you think 7 x 5 is enough to keep a woman satisfied sexually? I always knew I was average to a little below average, girth especially, but I guess was ignorant and thought that what I have to offer is enough. I dated a gorgeous Colombian girl for awhile who really messed my mind up. She was very sexually experienced and I was not. She showed me a lot of things and taught me to really let go and enjoy myself sexually. It seemed that she was happy and was getting off nearly every single time we were together, although in hindsight she had some extremely shady moments where I questioned her character that I now wonder whether she might have been reaching out due to sexual dissatisfaction or something. Word got back to me that she had been getting really dirty on the dance floor at a couple of college parties, and even left one to be “walked home” by a guy in her coed frat that she had slept with before her and I met. Needless to say this was the source of a couple of bad fights and while I probably shouldn’t have, I stayed with her. A big formal event was coming up that I started to get the sense she didn’t want me accompanying her to, and on the evening of, after a particularly heated argument, she walked of after I refused to kiss her goodbye. My last image of her was getting into her girlfriends car and shaking her head disgustedly at me. When she called me a couple of hours later, I ended it with her I was so angry. Not surprisingly, she had sex with some she just met that night afterwards. It was hard hearing about her initiating sneaking off with some guy to fuck on a hotel stairwell, in the bedroom of another hotel that they afterwards drove to, and finally in the bathroom of another hotel room where they had unprotected sex and he came on her face. Keep in mind, she never was nearly that enthusiastic with me, with only maybe our first couple of times coming CLOSE. Anyway, we got back together the day after, and I didn’t find out about any of it until 6 months later when I stumbled across correspondence between her and a guy from Portugal that she admitted to me she “kissed for no longer than a minute” while on vacation there with her sisters. I was pretty devastated and ended things for good. This was over 1.5 years ago at this point and it still hurts to think about. She claims to still love me and says she always has, and still wants to be with me. She was barely 19 when we met so I don’t know how much of her actions were due to stupid insecurities or lack of maturity. All I know is I’m a wreck after hearing everything that happened and it still affects my confidence and self esteem when I try to imagine having a relationship flourish with her or any other woman. I just feel like I’m not “enough”. I’m sorry for the long rant but I had to get that out. I appreciate anybody that took the time to read it.

Depends on the woman. Science teaches us that the only difference in pleasure between the 7” or the 4” is in the mind.

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

Good story. I’d kill to have your size. I’ve dated a Colombian, they are crazy dude, but the BEST in bed. Also, if you look at a world distribution map for dick size (, Colombia has the largest penises by averages that the scale offers.
I wouldn’t think much of it, no offense but it sounds like she’s just a whore. Some girls are really freaky and will take sex whenever the opportunity presents itself with a hot guy. Regardless of dick size. It’s not like she knew the guy in Portugal had a way better dick than you - she probably just hit it off with him, thought he was hot and wanted to make out (although you and I know that this is probably BS and it’s likely more happened between them). It’s just the way some girls are man, don’t get hung up over it. You just can’t give a fuck. Can’t place any emotional value on her anymore - just use her as a fuck toy and flirt with her friends. If you keep letting yourself care, you’re just gonna be disappointed again. Stop giving her so much attention - that could also be one thing that’s driving her away. You’d be amazed how chicks like this respond when you start ignoring them a little more. Many times they panic and will turn into subservient angels (at least temporarily). Just gotta remember to always keep not giving a fuck and never let yourself truly ‘care’ again. She’s already fucked up way too many times to deserve that, and people aren’t very good at ‘changing’.

I’m guessing your 5” is mid shaft girth…just curious, what base girth and head girth are you working with then?

Your dick is WELL above average in length and just above average in girth.

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Thank you man. But as of this moment I am 6 inches by 4.5 inches - “7 x 5” is my goal.

We’ve been broken up since October 2011. I came back to her last year around February, we tried working things out for a few months, I felt weird about things and pulled out again. After 8 months of no contact I reached out to her again this year in February, but pulled back again when I realized I probably am never going to trust her completely again. I feel bad at this point for stringing he along, although I am still bitter because I feel like leading me on was exactly what she was doing the whole time while we were exclusive and se was out flirting and doing god knows what. What I heard about that first night I dumped her hurts because its like confirmation of my fears that she wasn’t fully satisfied with me. This still confuses me because she still seems to be all about me and wants to be with me. Who really knows I guess. I want to believe that people can change but I know that it just does not happen the majority of the time unless the person in question has a sincere desire to change.

Also, I should have clarified: the Portuguese guy is a different person than the guy she had the one night stand with. I only found out about the one night guy after some detective work after finding the Facebook messages between her and the Portuguese kid.

"That's all it takes, really. Pressure, and time."

It seems that this thread is about far more than whether or not 7x5 is enough to satisfy any woman, but this is a question I can address since this is my starting size.

The answer in my case is yes, but it’s the way you use it and EQ that matter most. Variances in the women themselves will mean that you need to be gentle with some while others will get off when you get rough. That’s probably already the case at your starting size, however. I was turned down by a size queen once, she whipped me out of my pants, fooled around for a minute, and then pulled my boxers back up. She technically wasn’t satisfied, but I know she would have been happy if she had been open minded toward an average-ish cock and let me come inside to play.

While I know my current girl has had bigger and I’m still getting over it in my head, we have amazing sex and she comes again and again. I can be rough with her in ways that bigger guys probably weren’t able to. I put forth some effort and technique to make sure she’s always satisfied. I’m curious to see how she reacts to my PE as the gains come.

Start BPEL: 7", MEG: 5", BPFL: 5", FG: 4.25"

Short term goal: fail TP roll gage, have the GF notice something extra

Long term goal: BPEL 8", MEG: 5.75"

Originally Posted by Smallja
Good story. I’d kill to have your size. I’ve dated a Colombian, they are crazy dude, but the BEST in bed. Also, if you look at a world distribution map for dick size (, Colombia has the largest penises by averages that the scale offers.

That map is bullshit.

Originally Posted by healthyun1t
Thank you man. But as of this moment I am 6 inches by 4.5 inches - “7 x 5” is my goal.

That’s about my size, a little better. I’m 5.75 x 4.5 and I feel pretty small. I’ve made girls squirt with my dick though, and have had girls come back for more. But I definitely would not be happy with life if I had to stay this size.

What’s your base girth and head girth, if you don’t mind me asking? I take solace in that my base is around 5” (at the VERY base…quickly turns to 4.75” then 4.5” as you go up toward the glans)…while these are also very unimpressive girths, it helps me to know that once I start a pumping regime I could get my base girth to around 5.25” to 5.5”, which I feel I could be happy with one day. Are you in the same boat, or are you a uniform 4.5”? Either way, 5” is enjoyable girth for probably 90% of chicks out there, maybe more. I say this judging from the sex I’ve had at 4.5”…nothing stellar, but I’ve had some good times and made a few chicks happy and come back for more (also had one or two who openly preferred bigger but what can you do except PE more! )

You’re smart to set a goal of 7x5, as this seems pretty attainable at your starting girth (.5” in girth gains seems to be in the upper end of ‘very doable’ - anything above that gets exponentially rarer…although +.75” is not unreasonable. Just might take years to attain. Above that really, especially at our smaller starting girths, seems to be pretty damn rare except for guys who have been in this game for years and years (peforeal comes to mind…started around our girth and gained well over an inch over a ten year span).

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Originally Posted by marinera
That map is bullshit.

I’m sorry you don’t like my map, Marinera :)

I myself was very disappointed that they didn’t include include Antarctica, the fools. If I moved down there I’d automatically have the biggest dick in the nearest 400 square miles (unless I was anywhere near the research station at the south pole :( )

So your erect length, is that BP or NBP healthyun1t?

~~~ 2/05/2015 Current: BPEL 6.5", MSEG 5.5" --- Goal: BPEL 9.0", MSEG 6.5" ~~~ mrweenie's log

BPEL |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||*||||||||||

MSEG |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| |||||*|||||||||||||||

Megasquirt, thank you, and yes… I probably have some underlying issues to deal with here since it feels almost like a psychological complex that I have of imagining her having sex with this one particular guy. Even though I’m sure she’s probably had countless new partners in the past 2 years.

Smallja, I think it’s about 4.5 all the way around.

Mrweenie, I’m not sure. I measure along the top and don’t really push in with the ruler, but I also have little to no fat down there.

"That's all it takes, really. Pressure, and time."

Thank you man. But as of this moment I am 6 inches by 4.5 inches - “7 x 5” is my goal.

6”x4.5” if used right will satisfy any woman.

6x4.5 is absolutely fine and will indeed satisfy. A large portion of sex is in the mind. It’s also worth noting that you’re still well within the range of years in which penises continue to grow. When I was your age, admittedly not that long ago, I was passively gaining girth. Had I put myself through PE at the time I’m sure I could’ve advanced my natural growth to degrees that would’ve floored me. Keep your chin up!

Initial: BPEL: 7.5 / MEG: 5.25 / BEG: 6

Current: BPEL: 8.1 / MEG: 5. 7 / BEG: 6.25

That map was horseshit…

OP its not what you got its how you use it.

A man with a avg penis but with great self confidence can satisfy a woman as good or better than someone with shitty technique and self esteem that has a 9x7 monster cock.

I have achieved my short term goals 7 x 6++ 17.78cm bpelx 15.2cm mseg 17.1cm beg...

long term goal 8 x current girth

I just reread my posts and have to say I am embarrassed I went into that much detail and let myself get carried away like that. I guess that’s just an example of where my mind had been a lot of the past two years. It sucks, I know I need to try and be stronger mentally. I appreciate the words of encouragement and am grateful nobody took any cheap shots lol. I am nearing 26 years old in a couple of months so as much as I’d like to be optimistic about any future “natural” growth but I’m afraid that time is passed.

"That's all it takes, really. Pressure, and time."


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