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Is "7 x 5" enough to satisfy women


No need to be ashamed of anything healthyun1t, that’s something that we all go through at some point, atleast you have a forum like this where you can come to for advice, when a similar situation happened to me, I had to go through the unhealthy way of keeping it bottled up inside since I didn’t know of these forums at the time. Anyways, you are not the one with the problem, she is the one who has the problems, if I were you I would look up some of the post by “TheGreatDivider” on the Life, Love, and Fantasies forum, he has some great info that will help you to understand what was it that really happened with this girl.

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Originally Posted by healthyun1t
Just curious what you guys think. These are my goal stats, a length increase of one inch and girth increase of half an inch, and from a lot of the success stories I have read around here it seems like a realistic expectation if I dedicate myself to it.

Do you think 7 x 5 is enough to keep a woman satisfied sexually? I always knew I was average to a little below average, girth especially, but I guess was ignorant and thought that what I have to offer is enough. I dated a gorgeous Colombian girl for awhile who really messed my mind up. She was very sexually experienced and I was not. She showed me a lot of things and taught me to really let go and enjoy myself sexually. It seemed that she was happy and was getting off nearly every single time we were together, although in hindsight she had some extremely shady moments where I questioned her character that I now wonder whether she might have been reaching out due to sexual dissatisfaction or something. Word got back to me that she had been getting really dirty on the dance floor at a couple of college parties, and even left one to be “walked home” by a guy in her coed frat that she had slept with before her and I met. Needless to say this was the source of a couple of bad fights and while I probably shouldn’t have, I stayed with her. A big formal event was coming up that I started to get the sense she didn’t want me accompanying her to, and on the evening of, after a particularly heated argument, she walked of after I refused to kiss her goodbye. My last image of her was getting into her girlfriends car and shaking her head disgustedly at me. When she called me a couple of hours later, I ended it with her I was so angry. Not surprisingly, she had sex with some she just met that night afterwards. It was hard hearing about her initiating sneaking off with some guy to fuck on a hotel stairwell, in the bedroom of another hotel that they afterwards drove to, and finally in the bathroom of another hotel room where they had unprotected sex and he came on her face. Keep in mind, she never was nearly that enthusiastic with me, with only maybe our first couple of times coming CLOSE. Anyway, we got back together the day after, and I didn’t find out about any of it until 6 months later when I stumbled across correspondence between her and a guy from Portugal that she admitted to me she “kissed for no longer than a minute” while on vacation there with her sisters. I was pretty devastated and ended things for good. This was over 1.5 years ago at this point and it still hurts to think about. She claims to still love me and says she always has, and still wants to be with me. She was barely 19 when we met so I don’t know how much of her actions were due to stupid insecurities or lack of maturity. All I know is I’m a wreck after hearing everything that happened and it still affects my confidence and self esteem when I try to imagine having a relationship flourish with her or any other woman. I just feel like I’m not “enough”. I’m sorry for the long rant but I had to get that out. I appreciate anybody that took the time to read it.

First of all, the world does not revolve around our cocks. Too many here have tunnel vision. There is a vast horizon out there. We must move on and think positive.
Cock size is all mental. Any cock size can please a woman if you can mentally please her, the things you say and the things you do during, before and after sex. It
is all very simple and not complicated at all.

I will take a look in othe threads to get an idea of what his posts are talking about. I know my current size should be plenty, I guess I just feel a little insecure because of whatever size this guy was packing that was able to get that kind of reaction out of my girlfriend (well ex).

"That's all it takes, really. Pressure, and time."

Hey healthyun, don’t beat yourself up about the post. It’s good to have a vent sometimes. I hope you’ve moved on from the Colombian girl. A girl who does that kind of thing isn’t worth the hassle; there are so many better girls out there. I have to admit to dwelling in regret over previous girlfriends, but I have an awesome wife now. Good things are out there for you man! Good luck with your gains!

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Unit, your size is plenty and 7x5.3 is definitely above the average on the ol’ cock bell curve. Be confident, be sexy, and be a thoughtful lover… and don’t settle for less in someone you’re involved with, either. You deserve more. You’ll be fine.

PS - There was a similar thread not too long ago, here: Positive comments at 7nbp x 5.5

Consensus: Yes, it’s big. Yes, it’s more than adequate.

If I waited for compliments before I did things, I’d be dead in the water.

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The facts. The average woman’s g-spot is about 3” inside. You can feel it with your fingers. It’s the big spongy thing inside toward her pubic bone. As long as you fuck her slowly and have at least a 4” penis you can make her orgasm. First, hard pounding sex (like a porn sex) will numb the woman very quickly. It’s best to start off slow. Hell I go very very slow and tease her that way. Then I go a little faster and faster over time. You will know when she is near an orgasm because her vagina will tighten and it will feel like she is trying to push you out. That’s when you can be a porn star or not. Just depends if you want her to have more O’s. Hint: if you want her to stay with you and be addicted to your penis then stay with the slow stuff all night long. She’ll love you in the morning.

The angles of sex will help a lot. Missionary putting her legs up over your shoulders or putting pillows under her butt will help. I’m sure you can figure out how to do the same thing from other positions. But the goal is to have your penis hitting that spot with as much pressure as you can get.

If unsure you can check out a search for Sex Positions for G-spot.

I have a 5” penis and I can make them beg me to stop because they can’t handle another orgasm.

P.S. My wife thinks I’m a GOD in bed. And yes she has been with several men with VERY large penis’s before me.


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