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Introduction of myself

Introduction of myself

Hello everyone!

I first came in contact with PE a few years ago and registered here at TP. Then I met a GF and everything worked fine for a few years.
But recently I met a new girl who is more experienced than the previous and I feel a need to upgrade my tool and myself to feel good about satisfying her.

To be able to succeed I have two goals:

First of all I need to start working out to improve my physical condition overall, although I’m not overweight (183 cm tall/ 75 kg/26 years old) I often get exhausted after a few minutes in bed. This makes me unable to carry on and my penis turtles. Not very funny at all. The girlfriend before this one came through vaginal sex very fast so this wasn’t an issue then. The new gf says herself she’s unable to come that way, but pussy licking and use vibrators takes care of that part. However, I can feel she is not entirely satisfied with our penetrative sex.
So, to get in better shape I will start be walking an hour a day and after some time continue with running and swimming.

When in better shape I expect my penis to perform better also.

My second goal is to make my dick bigger. Reasons for this is of course to improve my self-esteem and make me and her reach heaven while having sex.
Last weekend I felt a bit low after she in a discussion mentioned something about a thick penis she almost was unable to get her hand around. She also said mine was “the perfect length and girth” and that the large one did hurt. However, I was not entirely convinced by this and decided to use some of all the free time I have to do PE.

I haven’t measured my penis using the BPEL method yet but will do so soon. As of now when I measured in a hurry at work I reached. 17 cm and was not able to get my erect penis through a toilet paper roll which were 13.3 cm.

This roughly converts to 6.7” in length and 5.3” in girth. I am from Sweden an used to count in centimeters so I’m sorry about that, another consequence of being Swedish is English being a non-native language for me. So please be forgiving about that.

Well, at last I wanna say that it feels good to join the honest and supportive users here at TP.
This January I will start off easy by doing the newbie routine, my goal is the classic 8*6. The dream would be 8.5*6+.

Wish me luck!

BPEL Starting PE Jan 2009@7.1*5.3 (18*13.5 cm)

Current: 20th March 2009: 7.4*5.6 (18.7* 14.4 cm)

Realistic goal 2010-11: 8*6 (20*15.2 cm) --- Dream goal: 8.5"*6.3" (21.5*16 cm)

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Good luck Visse.

Good luck.

Good luck

Welcome, and good luck!

:_pump: :donatecar

Good luck, you are pretty big already. Welcome to Thunders.

Was (july 07): 5.25 nbp (5.9 bp)X 4.5

July 10 :6.15 nbp (6.65 bp)X 4.8

Goal: 6.75 nbp (7.1 bp) x 5.1 Final goal : 7.25 nbp x 5.3

You can do it Visse!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I have now been PE-ing a week and I feel my glans is bigger and more shiny then ever when having an erection.
I will measure on february 1st and measure every month afterwards.

For a long time I’ve felt my girth has been my weak spot but after reading about “mr avarage” it made me feel a tad better. But I am here to make gains anyway =)
Will keep you guys updated with a project thread and post some pic later on!

BPEL Starting PE Jan 2009@7.1*5.3 (18*13.5 cm)

Current: 20th March 2009: 7.4*5.6 (18.7* 14.4 cm)

Realistic goal 2010-11: 8*6 (20*15.2 cm) --- Dream goal: 8.5"*6.3" (21.5*16 cm)

Excellent; good luck, Visse. Besides complimenting your obviously great size, I should point out that your English is fabulous!

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