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Fairly new to PE, here is my introduction

Fairly new to PE, here is my introduction

I’ve been PEing for 2 months now and have seen an increase in length from from 5.6 to about 6.1 on a good day. In the beginning I was jelqing twice a day for 10 minutes in the am and night with one day off. My schedule got busier with summer classes and I had to stop the morning session about a month ago and I have been PEing basically when I have time.

About a week or two ago I took a solid week off of PE and noticed no decrease in size. This past week I’ve started up this routine and I don’t do a warm up besides light jelqing at first. I tried the warm up with a warm wet rag but it just wasn’t doing anything for me. Sometimes Ill take a warm shower before I PE but that is about it.

I stretch constantly through out the day, starting with stretching in the morning after my morning wood subsides to about 50%. I do piss pulls through out the day and I’ve noticed my ligs were sore today. I really despise doing long stretch sessions for some reason and this is the only way I can stretch is by spacing it out.

At night I wet jelq for 15-25 minutes and incorporate horses and bends but I think I may need to eliminate them because I believe my technique is off. Yesterday I got a great flaccid hang after my workout but today’s wasn’t so good even though I was more aroused today so I don’t know why. I really want to get my length to 7 but I also want my girth to increase as well, as I am around 4.8-5 EG. I need to invest in a tape measure for more accurate girth measurements.

Anyways if anyone has anything they would like to add to my routine or any expertise feel free to and anyways whats up everyone and I hope to grow like everyone else who has here at thunders.

Anyways here is my little introduction and hope all is well.


I would get rid of the 440’s for now, try doing Ulis instead they are great for girth and significantly less intense.

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