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introducing a guy with some new hope

introducing a guy with some new hope

Hi everybody

Iam a newby here at the forum. I am 21 and since my size or more the the problem with my size amost steals all my confidance regaring women and sex, I finally wanted to do somtehing against it. I have to admit that when I first visited the forum my reaction was. now way, that cant work anyway! Since I am a medical student, I see those anatomical questions from a different angle, a more scientific one, you know what i mean. and sometimes this kind of thinking takes away all the hope! Well, after I read some more I think this can also work for me!

how come do I have a problem? I not only small (or I think I am small which is tecnically teh same) I am also pretty unstable in bed, meaning I cant hold it for much longer than 3 minutes. I think big parts of my quicknes is due to my nervousity (?) (sorry I am not native, guess you noticed) that my penis might dissapoint my sex-partner (doesnt happen too often and when it does I do not feel good afterwards!) or my girlfriend (got my first girlfriend 4 months ago!!!) I think by gaining some lenghts and especially girth (which is what women feel most!) I can get more confident about sex, and also about many other thing in my life! (I find it shocking that my penis size decreases my confidence overall as well!)

I really hoep it does work for me, cause I don’t feel like an operation (at least not yet!) I know the risks too well! I experianced a damaged nerve on my pubic area once, I can tell u it’s no fun at all! I felt shit all!

if anybody reads this that nows a good start to gin girth please tell me? As for now I started with

1) warm up (hot water in a cup on floor, i get into a sort of pushup postion and dipp it in right to the edge of the cup so the ligaments get warm too)

2) stretches (5 minutes in ervery direction) cant really get the stretch feeling in my corpus cavernosum though

3) jelq’s 15 minutes

4) warm down

ok, thats it for my first thread, wish u all the best guys


Start: 1.2005
BPEL: 6.8”
NPEL: 5.8”
EG: 4.7”

1. Goal within 4-6 months:
NPEL: 7”
EG: 5.5”

PS: here is one important not to everybody, I know it really doesnt help a lot but to know it might make u feel a bit better:

one of the most accepted modern theories about women and orgasms:

many women dont get a vaginal orgasm (around 60%+) cause they have never “learnd” to get one themselfs. as man penetrates, not touching the clitoris, they are not relaxed enough, not actually wanting to let it feel good in their vagina! cant get an orgasm… doesnt really matter how big the penis is. (for me this theory makes sense, cause I know a sexual therapist that is really succesful with treating women with no vaginal orgams, by teaching them to get one themselfs before they are able to get one through a man!)

Hey surfdude welcome to the forums.

If you think about it, PE is no different than stretching a muscle or ligament(er kinda). I also like to take the medical approach to it. Think about a stretch Armstrong(sounds retarded at first, but listen), if you pull on it as hard as you can it will go back to it’s normal shape. The way PE works is holding that stretch to keep the ligament in it’s lengthened position. I also believe that unless held that way or constantly stretched from day to day, it will heal back to normal. Thats just my view on all this.

You are well above the normal size, maybe you should work on girth and PC muscle exercises. Get down the newbie routine for about a month and do 200-300 kegels per day starting out.

Your goals seem reasonable, just make sure you stay dedicated and keep increasing your routine.

Welcome to Thunder’s, Surfdude.

Your routine sounds very good for a newbie. Gradually increase intensity after a month or two. Eventually, you’ll want to jelq at a higher erection level (firmer), which you’ll have to do very carefully to avoid injury.

After you’ve become conditioned, you may also want to try some ULI-type squeezes. With a full erection, grasp your penis as close to the base as possible. You might even try to reach into your body a bit. Form an OK grip and squeeze tightly. Kegel at the same time for extra effect. Your glans will probably swell up and your veins will pip out. Hold this for 10 seconds or so, release for a few seconds, and repeat.

Using this technique, I went from 5.1” EG to about 5.8” EG in about 3 months. No gains since, but I’ve totally changed my focus to length only. It turns out that length is tough for me, but girth was fairly easy.

Good luck! ONce you’ve gained some size, you’ll probably feel better. You may even look back on your current insecurity and think it was silly of you. Penis size feels a lot less important once you’ve got some.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Hello surfdude

I think your routine sounds very sensible, but you could consider something like a rice sock as a warm up tool (assuming you have access to a microwave). It may be more convenient than your current method, although you will lose the benefit of the moist heat.

Just a thought, and good luck to you.

Listen to what these other folks have to say, but also spend a little time trying to get yourself to understand that you do not have a small penis. It isn’t big, no, but you don’t have what should be considered small—nope, not at all.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Welcome to Thunder’s, surfdude! Everyone has hit pretty much everything I would have said so I’ll just give a bit of encouragement. You aren’t small….at all. Good luck to you, this is a great place!!! Check out the links in my signature. They might be beneficial to read if you have not done so already.


Welcome, and you’re in the right place for help.

Thanks Thunder. Thought it might cut down on typing time….lol. I need all the help I can get with tha (crap where’s that “t” key again?) t.


So when looking for the “t” key, you happened to find it 3 times before realizing it?

Short term memory loss is a bitch…sorry, what was your name again?


Originally Posted by ynarevith73
You’re the man, XLMagnum! Your dick is HUGE!

I know, and thanks for the compliments.

What? You don’t remember posting that? Must be that memory loss again!

LOL! Good one XL! :rolling:


*takes a bow*

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