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Finally introducing myself

Finally introducing myself

Hi, all. Great forum.

I did a search and I have made some posts, but I don’t think I ever introduced myself.

I’m a guy in my forties. Unlike many of you who are already big and want to get bigger, I’m tiny. Basically, when I’m flaccid, all you see is the head sticking straight out.

As you might guess by my name, I’m into naturism / nudism. Thousands of men and women have seen me naked in camps and resorts, and I’ve never really been embarassed by my lack of size. Go to a camp sometime and you’ll plenty of small flaccid guys. Nobody points and laughs, not even the kids in the camps (who, probably not incidentally, tend to be much more mature about such things, though I’ve never seen a need to engage a nudist kid in conversation. I can just say that none has ever walked up to me and said, “Jeez, you’ve got a tiny dick, mister.”)

I’m only about 4.5 inches erect, and that’s on a good day. That’s not really been a problem, either, though I once lived with a size queen who said stupid stuff when she was irritated with me (when wasn’t she irritated with me? Only when I was going down on her. Then she said I was “fantastic,” though I think that was more due to my enthusiasm than technique). One silly thing I remember is, “I was once with a guy who had an average penis, and I was okay with that.” I asked her what “average” meant to her. “7.5 inches.” This from a woman who could get off like gangbusters on my index finger.

Another time she was hanging out with a former boyfriend named Tony and I admit I was jealous. We were talking about condoms, and she said, “Hey, now I know what to get Tony for Christmas… some Magnum XLs.” It was a dig at me and we both knew it.

For whatever reason, a lot of women in real life and on webcams think I have a handsome penis, whatever the size.

I wouldn’t mind some size increase, especially flaccid since so many people see me flaccid. Not trying to impress anybody — I just want to know what it’s like to have actual hangage.

Mostly, though, I’m here because I’m in my 40s and starting to show some erectile dysfunction. I’m trying to figure all that out. I also like shooting big loads — it’s especially impressive on webcam to jizz all over the joint.

I’ve been trying some supplements. I know they don’t increase penis size, but I have seen evidence of bigger loads and firmer erections. Right now, it’s Pygeum, Tribulus Terrestris and Damiana. I tried L-Arginine twice before. The first time, it did seem to increase loads and firmness. I actually had morning wood. The second time, using the same dose and brand, not much happened. I was under a lot of stress at the time, so I didn’t consider it a fair trial. I’ve always drank water by the gallon, so if I increase that, I think the most that could happen is that I could give up my apartment and just rent a bathroom to live in.

I found Arginmax on sale at two bottles of 90 for $17.99. It arrived today, and I guess I’ll give that a try once the latest dose of Viagra has cleared my system.

At any rate, there’s a ton of information here to digest before I figure out my goals and how to achieve them. I’m sure I’ll keep everybody posted.

I have plenty of “before” pictures, which I’m not shy about showing. I have what I have. Big deal, even if it is a small deal. When I get enough posts, I’ll put up some pictures.

That’s about all I can think of for now.

Again, great forum. It’s nice to see something free that cuts through the hype while providing the same information other sites charge dearly for.

Keep up the good work, and good luck to all of you.

PS If only there were a site for getting rid of guy boobs :}

Welcome aboard sir. Hope you find all you need here. You may want to look into an ADS for stretching. Just become deep soul mates with the search and all your wishes will be granted.

There are some threads on man boobs as you call them around here.


“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Hello Naturist-
Good to know you. Welcome aboard!


Welcome Naturist, As you put it there is a wealth of information here. Good luck with gaining the hangage you’re after.

Welcome Nat~

Noticed any side effects like mood swings or quick temper with the tribulus? I am pretty easy going and had some anger issues on the trib, I felt like David Banner. “You won’t like me when I am angry…”


I have a quick temper even on my best days. A really lousy situation at work isn’t helping matters any.

So, I’m not sure if I’d notice anything like that on Tribulus.

Originally Posted by twatteaser

There are some threads on man boobs as you call them around here.


You know, oddly enough the small penis and the guy boobs were what got me into nudism in the first place. I was embarassed to wear a bathing suit where everybody seemed to be trying to show off their assets while covering their bad spots. You’ve seen the articles, particularly in women’s magazines, about buying the most flattering swimsuit, etc.

The great thing about nudism is that everybody looks pretty much alike. I’m less self-concious about being nude than I am about bathing suits.

Go figure.

A newbie jelqing routine should work wonders for the ED — it has for quite a few men on this forum. And you’ll probably gain some size in the meantime :)

You have a very healthy attitude toward your penis that many of us could learn from. Welcome to Thunder’s!

Welcome aboard Naturist, Happy Jelging :D

Thanks for all the welcomes.

I was just thinking of something I mentioned earlier. I’ve been known to jack on webcams, I have a picture of my semi-hard dick on a “rate-me” site, and I’ve been with women. Despite my small size, I’m still amazed at how many people have commented on how nice it’s shaped. I’ve always thought of penises as being a matter of length. It seems there are quite a few who also rate penises as “handsome” or “ugly” based on the look of it.

Something to think about, I suppose.

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