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I'm new... Concerns and questions...

I'm new... Concerns and questions...

I’m new to PE.

I only have limited time to work on enhancing my penis and I must hide it from my wife. I started jelqing when I get up in the morning and when I shower at night. I only have time to do a couple of minutes of stretches and about 200 jelqs. After achieving a very full pump from jelqing, I’ve been putting a rubber band at the base of my penis. It creates a good anti-backflow device. I then manipulate blood into my penis creating an enormous pump - veins bulging, head expanding. I leave this on for around ten to fifteen minutes.

Question 1 - Is this enough jelqing to obtain noticeable results?

Question 2 - Is the rubber band method safe at all?

Question 3 - If so, how long can I leave it on?

Question 4 - What other methods are there when you are short on time and hiding this?

Any feedback will help.


1) Probably not, unless you are one of those lucky fast gainers

2) Be very carefull

3) be very very carefull.

4) check out “ADS” all day stretcher. We even have a tutorial on it.

Also depending on your work environment get used to using the stalls when you go to the bathroom. you can fit in some PE everytime you go. (and/or check on your ADS wrap)

good luck!!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

You might make some progress with your routine and see noticeable improvement in flaccid hang.

The wider the rubber band the better. Try to find one 1/2 inch wide.

15 minutes should be your max.

You can kegel while talking to your wife! Start squeezing out several hundred a day.

why is a wider rubber band better?

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