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I'm finally back, HELP!

I'm finally back, HELP!

I starterd this thread about a month ago:
Pain in the left Lig

Since then, I decided to take the given advice and take a decon break.

It stretched from a week to almost a full month, but I am now ready to start all over again.

The problem is, my lig pain hasn’t disappeared.

So, for those who do not wish to open the link above, I have a problem with my left ligament.

It hurts like hell to do SD stretches, even with minimal force used (and I mean MINIMAL, for instance, if I get erect, I feel pain if pointing my dick downwards).

The thing is, I would like to base my routine lengthwise, not only am I an easy girth gainer, but I have more then enough girth in the start.

The problem with length routines is, as you know, most gains are coming from the lig exercise, not once based on tunica.

So, how do I continue doing PE to ONLY get length? Keep in mind, I have big ED problems, and I have to do jelqs for it.

Are there any NEW ideas on maybe how to deal with my left-lig pain? I really want to experience lig gains.

Also, I would appreciate if someone would recommend a routine for me.

First point, it’s not true that most of gains come from lig stretching. According to many vets, most of length gains come from lengthening the shaft.

Second, if your pain persists, you have to see a Doc.

You can do length work isolating your ligs : try fulcrum stretches (A-stretch, V-stretch and so on) and TOW stretches - grab your penis near the base with one hand, under the glans with the other hand, and pull the two hands in opposite directions.

Ei mate,
Yeah marinera is right you should see a doctor,
Can´t you stretch without affecting the left lig?
Anyone know why a lig hurt´s even after rest?

Hope you get better

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