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If I'm getting none of the side effects.

If I'm getting none of the side effects.

If I’m getting none of the side effects of PE like discoloration or red spots am I doing it right. I have been only doing this for a couple of weeks. Do some people never get the side effects or am I not using enough pressure or what. Thanks

It could depend on how strong are your capillaries. Lack of red spots isn’t necessarly an indice of too low pressure. You want to extend your tunica, not to break vessels under the skin.

Yeah, not getting negative sides is a good thing. I didn’t have any for the longest time. And even then it was just a couple dark spots on my glans. It sucks when you get negative sides like that, you have to stop PEing until it heals. Probably at least four days to a week.

Haven’t had a neg from manual excersizes since I began, grew an inch

I haven’t had any discoloration that wasn’t on my penis before I started PEing. My discoloration is due to the way I masturbate, and I have never gotten a red spot on my penis. What you need to be looking for are positive indicators - the general rule I follow is if I am getting solid erections I am doing alright. Once they start to go funny on me (unless there are other contributing factors) I usually know I am on the right path.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Most people get the red spots. Discoloration isn’t good. I have a bruise on the top of my shaft from an over-enthusiastic jelq which refuses to go away! It could mean you’re not doing it right or it could mean that you are just tougher than most.

The only visible negative side effect I’ve had is the red dots on the glans. That was a by-product of grip problems during stretches. Once I got that squared away no problems. I used to think I was getting more prominent veins all over my dick too. However I saw a picture I never really studied before and they had always been there, I just hadn’t paid close enough attention to the minor details. Lastly, I used to have “tired dick” feeling when I got started. However that is happening less and less now. In fact give me an hour and I can probably do full blown sex rather than having to wait a bit.

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