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A few questions on side effects

A few questions on side effects

I have been PEing for a while. I’ve been trying to read up on discoloration but I’m still confused about a few things. Does it happen to most people who PE? I only do light stretching(about 5 - 10 mins a day) and wet jelqing(close to 30 mins a day) with vaseline. I warm up/down with a warm cloth for over 5 mins. I’m only wanting a gain of about a 1/2 inch in length or so. I’m staying away from hanging or clamping. Can discoloration come with a routine like what I’m doing? It wouldn’t be worth it. Also, is the vaseline ok to use? I read somewhere that olive oil is the best.

Finally, I have a really big vein going down the middle of my shaft. Any potential side effects? Can it get bigger? Or become varicose?

My penis became discolored from stretching and jelqing, it’s common. Dicoloration CAN come with a routine like what your doing. Vaseline is ok to use.

Never noticed any discoloration. Probably couldnt anyway. That vein is common, dont worry about it. Constant jelqing will increase it sooner or later.

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I stretch / jelq / uli / ADS, and mine has gotten a little bit darker. I like it, actually.

In another recent thread, someone said to avoid vaseline. (I read it earlier today in the newbie or main member forum, hunt around and you’ll find it.) I’ve always used baby oil, it works just fine.

edit: found the thread:

Some mixed questions

Don’t know about the vein.

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I have mostly read about discoloration as a result of clamping. I never got any until I started clamping. I didn’t like it and quit clamping, and the color went away over a period of a couple of months (maybe more).

But a couple of guys here already said they got discoloration from other exercises, so everyone is different. If you see it and don’t like it, you can probably stop what you are doing and reverse it.

Clamping made me bruise, and once I started bruising, it became easier and easier to bruise. I think it was the blood under the skin from the bruising that discolored the tissue. Jelking and other PE exercises will probably not make you bruise unless you are extremely rough with yourself.

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