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Iam scared about an injury

Thank you guys iam freaking out because I saw some lots of people not getting healed anyways I will think positive and I will try to rest thank you all

Lots of people? By what metric? Remember, bad news travels fast and loud. Absolute numbers mean nothing on their own. How many people on here have had injuries, healed and continued to grow? I’d say all of us. Relax. Your mind is the most potent medicine. Believe.

Ok the thing is that I have a small glanse or lack of blood in the glanse ( glanse not getting very big when erected ) and I’ve overworked my penis in the first day and my glanse is softer now when erected that’s why iam worried

And my glanse when I force blood hurts a bit and I think its because of the overtraining what do you think?

It’s just overtrain, don’t worry.

That glans symptom is a classic.

…and you show all the classic signs of over-training, which many here have had and recovered from. No relax as you’ve been told by MANY already. Now if you continue to post your anxieties I’m going to change my recommendation to just hacking off your tool and throwing it away. Problem solved. :)

God damn it mushroom :D sorry for all those posts I will stop. Thank you all I will update you in some weeks I guess peace <3

Soo I’ve see some improvements but the curve downward still remains also when I have an erection and iam standing up the erection slighly goes away and that worries me.

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Anyone? :/

The loss of erection was caused by jelq and I know it I hope I didnt damage any veins that can cause the loss of erection when standing up if someone want to discuss this.

Grehory, please give a little more thought to sentence structure, per the Forum Guidelines . Periods at the end. Capitals at the beginning. I instead of i, etc.

Also consider that it’s possible that people aren’t responding to your urgent requests because, in the short time you’ve been here, you’ve already established a reputation of someone who doesn’t listen to the advice you’ve already been given.

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Iam sorry again I just find it strange about the loss of erections while standing and the downward curve.

Hello again I did apply heat and the rest for 3 days 3 times a day and the results were awesome I woke up with great boner. But the downward curve** (I can’t describe really well its like the base has more blood and the rest just hangs a bit but theres blood there too ) also veins are much bigger and my penis is leaning pretty badly sometimes

I noticed that in the spot where it biggins to hang there are some sort of strings like something is under the skin which they do not move when I move the skin

Relax.. My tool has changed SO much through PE. Veins, ligs/cords, mild stretch marks, spots, etc. Look, your trying to make it bigger. There’s no magic wand - you pull/stretch/pump/clamp/hang, whatever.. Not all of the tissue will grow - or heal - at the same rate.


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