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Iam scared about an injury


You are correct mushroom and iam just saying that I have the same problem with jake wood in this thread Injury - Any help? (p. 2)

I hope I just didnt damage anything iam not anxient or anything iam relaxed :)

Go to page one and read woods posts*

Hi everyone so I did let my penis heal. The problem is that some symptoms still remain. When I have morning wood its not as hard as it was and when iam standing up my erections slowly goes away .Also I can clearly see that under my skin there are some sort of veins not blue veins its under the skin and they look white, The leaning still remains. I don’t know how to fix this or if I can fix this any anwers will be appreciated

When I did jelqing for the first time I did it according to the video in how to do it I’ve done fast hard strokes and thats why I have this problems now stop ignoring my posts iam just an unlucky guy

If you did them wrong and suffered an injury, that doesn’t make you unlucky. That’s simply a consequence of doing them wrong.

Also, read and review the Forum Guidelines and start using punctuation and capitalization. Since you’ve received this warning before, I doubt that there will be another.

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