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I was just thinking

I was just thinking

Could anyone that reads this please type down their gains, their technique, and how long you have been at it and if you have not made any gains. Just thought it would be interesting to find out how other are doing here.

I am going on two months now and have not noticed anything but the ruler may have shown a tiny bit of girth and I am on the basic newbie routine.

I am sure there is a thread like this but I would like to see as many replies as possible.

Do a search. Also, there’s the PE data site at the bottom.

Everyone wants quick gains quick everything. PE is very very very barbaric a very strenuous way of gaining enlargement. Tearing ligaments, expanding connective tissue, increasing muscle size of the BC muscle isn’t baking a cake, it’s slow and it’s hard on the body. As you exercise you place your body through stress, you recover you gain a tiny bit and you do it again the next day. It’s a slow process.

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