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I want to build a homemade power jelq but...

I want to build a homemade power jelq but...

I found this link on how you can make your own power jelq device for around $10.

Homemade Power Jelq, a Jelq Device

The problem is that I don’t have any idea where to buy the jar lifter, which is the most important part. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that Home Depot or Lowes carries it. Any advice on where to buy would be very helpful.

Also if anyone wants to leave a quick comment on what they think about the device itself that would be great. I know it has been discussed several times and I have read many reviews that I found from using the search bar, but it never hurts to update a topic or get more thoughts on the matter.

Here is a link to a jar lifter, less than $10 delivered..

If that doesn’t work just search for “canning tongs” on ebay.

Home Depot has the foam for the rollers.

The rollers on these tend to be a little sticky and have some rolling resistance. If you have a drill and a full drill bit set find the bit which is one size larger that the hole in the plastic rollers and drill it out, it will roll much smoother.

Good Luck

Thanks for the reply Cascadian and I gladly take your advice on drilling out the rollers. I am currently living a home right now and I would prefer to buy the tongs in person if possible. I cant think of a good explanation to give parents if the tongs were delivered by fedex to our door. Has anyone out there actually bought them from a physical store?

Ace Hardware sells them in some of their stores that stock canning supplies.

Wal-mart sells them also.That’s where I got mine.

Thanks I will definitely check out wal-mart. Has anyone used the device without the foam insulation on it. I would think that the more insulation, the further down on the shaft you have to start your jelq. Obviously if you used it without the foam you would need to be careful with how much pressure you apply. Anyway, just curious.

Your link wasn’t working jiimbeaux, so I fixed. Hope that’s what you wanted to link, though. :)

Walmart is where I got mine :)

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