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Newbie Routine with Power Jelq

Newbie Routine with Power Jelq

I recently (about 4 hours ago) built my own power jelq according to the instructions.

It worked out well and I have it constructed very well and it looks just like it should.

However I was quickly discouraged when I attempted to use it to do my jelq routine (my hand gets pretty sore usually so I though the tool would be great)

My erection went down after just a few jelqs, and I don’t feel any “pump” as I would with my hand, also when I apply the power jelq with the sticks side ways, not on top and bottom of the unit. It seems to twist my unit about the axis of the shaft around 45 degrees, but not completely 90 degrees so the unit is completely twisted.

Does anyone else have the same problems?

Do you have to use the power jelq while standing up?

Am I suppose to lube the foams and my unit (I only lubed my unit)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I will try to search for more info on the forums and on google, but I am relatively new to this site’s search function so I thought I’d ask first and share tips with anyone new.

I don’t know about power jelq, so I’m not going to comment.

But here is a quick guide for to to start with the search function: Go to advanced search —> Type the keyword you want, in this case it’s “power jelq” —> select “Search Titles Only” —> Click the search Button. It’s that easy.

For more information see this: How to use the Search button for best results.

Thanks for the reply,

Yeah, I quickly figured out the search function, as it’s pretty similar to other forums

However after searching and reading through all the threads, they seem to be talking about buying the power jelq or whether to get it or not, but I want to know how to use it :(

There was some mention that it should be applied on the top and bottom with respect to the axis of the shaft, but I am not sure, will do more research and post results if I find the answer to it.

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