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I think I have a thrombosed vein.

I think I have a thrombosed vein.

I saw it was described as a “squiggly guitar string” and I have a vein where when I get an erection I can sort of squeeze to the left and push it under my skin and it sort of goes right, then pops back. I also have what looks like a big mole on my a serious burst capilary or vein. It’s about the size of a pea (circular). Neither of these hurt at thrombosed veins usually hurt?

Yes, they hurt. And they’re hot, red and hard. You may have a burst capillary, which will heal without intervention. The squiggly vein sounds normal. Thrombosis of a penile surface vein is not as common as people around here think they are.

Hey Colt, give this thread try: Eroset’s Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more

HTH :)

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Thrombosed veins is a very common worry here at Thunder’s. That is actually a very rare condition. Pay attention to what westla said.

Guitar-stringed veins, even arteries, are very common during a firm erection. They only indicate that the vessel is full to capacity with blood. You want those vessels full with erections.



Hmmm, can anyone help me figure out the difference between my Penis getting a lot of visible Veins and a thrombosed vein? I think I have the same thing as ColtEtish, no pain or anything, just large veins that are becoming more and more apparent even when flaccid. I seem to be getting more of them as well as I progress in PE.

(It kind of reminds me of muscle building, after a good workout you get some veins that pop up and show, and after awhile, those veins are visible even when you don’t have your pump.)

Don’t worry about them unless they behave like westla described.

Your arterial efficiency is increasing. This is a good thing from an erection point of view.



My penis feels perfectly fine and dandy, no pain at all. I was worried about the thrombosed vein.good :)

Is it a blood blister? It’s like a small dark spot, but it doesn’t hurt at all. I thought when capillaries burst they caused small red spots? I remember one time I counted to 110 before I got bored, there was probabbly 20 left but I wasn’t sure which one’s I counted anymore..

Do blood blisters hurt? So it’s probabbly just a burst capillary? I was planning on taking a month or so off if it was a blood blister.but with a burst capillary can I continue PE? I would have put this in injuries and treatments but I can’t post threads there yet.

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