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I started hanging. How soon do I change angles/positions for best length growth?

I started hanging. How soon do I change angles/positions for best length growth?

I have read hundreds of posts and learned a lot but I’m confused. When do I start changing the angle or position while hanging, I want to increase length first then go for girth. I hear it’s best to use low weights as long as you can so your penis doesn’t get too strong and become harder to lengthen. Is it more important to hang morning and night or all at one time or to do it every 8 hours, and is it better/safe to not have any days off? I was reading about infrared heat lamps and it seems ok to use it while hanging but would it be good to leave it on between sets to keep things warm? Should I use an “ADS” all day stretcher and for how many hours(which one can I build myself that works well I’ve seen about 3) to go along with hanging and is it safe to use at night or would I wake up with a dead penis? Which “LOT” is best for length gains 12, 6? Thanks in advance I’ve found everything else I’ve needed so far from the great contributers.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Start out using only one angle. Stick with it. And stay with one hanging session per day in the beginning. Use light weight at first to allow the softer, more delicate tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and skin, time to adapt. The ligs and tunica are tough bastards, but if you jump the gun and try to pound them hard from the get go, you’ll end up injuring something. Better to work up slowly and allow the weaker stuff time to condition.

I haven’t tried infrared heat yet, but it sounds interesting. Whatever the heat source, I think continuing the heat between sets is a good idea. Bib and others have recommended heating only during the first half of each set, but IMO that isn’t enough time to allow the tissues to come up to temp and stay there for long enough. Allow the ligs to cool while under tension on your last set.

I’d avoid combining ADS with hanging until later. The key to PEing successfully without injury is to proceed with caution, adding or incrementing only one thing at a time. Some ADS setups, such as Lil’s, can cause a considerable amount of stress over time. Wait until later.

>Which “LOT” is best for length gains 12, 6?

The higher the LOT, the more potential gains from stretching ligs. Ligs are generally easier to stretch than the shaft itself. A high initial LOT is desirable, but a low LOT doesn’t preclude gains.


Welcome! I agree with everything hobby said, especially the stuff about injuring yourself. Penis preservation (PP) is more important than PE.

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