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I really don´t get the LOT thing

I really don´t get the LOT thing

Okay! I understand that it is loss of tugback. But my penis moves into my body at all the angels. Could somebody plz explain to me where on the penis I should look for the thugback? At the glans or at the base? Because at the base I always see a thugback.

I´m pretty confused. Is there somebody out there who can make this clearer.

Your looking for the location of where there is the least amount of tugback, that is your lot!

Wait for the more experienced people, but I believe that is how you determine your lot.

Good luck!

You are looking for the diminishment of tugback from the head. Pull your penis straight up, kegel, if the head (glans) tugs back then lower the angle and kegel again. Keep doing this until you can no longer see the head move. That is your LOT. It is measured as if you are looking at a clock, 12 is straight up, 9 is straight out, 6 is straight down. If your LOT is high (>8) then work on the lower angles to focus on the ligs. If your LOT is low (<8) then work the higher angles to focus on the tunica, although, lig gains (from lower angle work) can still be made with lower lots down to 6.

As you work your ligs your LOT should drop, once it becomes very low, or the gains stop coming, then change to the upper angles.

Hope that straightens it out a little.


Ok, I think I got the point. Thanx for the answers.

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