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I need help

I need help

I need your help in this important issue

I am 23 and only had sex with hustlers for three times. I had ED at all of them.I don’t know if my ED is only psychological or not .I used to think my self as a very powerful male for years. I masturbate twice a day but I think I do it different from everyone. When I start masturbating I do kegel exercise to make it hard.Although I get so hard erection by this way I don’t get hard without stimulation and kegel. I didn’t think that could be a problem for years. A few time ago I had posted related to this. I had asked that I can have erection only with hand stimulation , are you the same? But I realized now that not only hand stimulation and serious kegeling can make me erect. Now I ask, do you kegel to make your unit erect for masturbating? Do ı have problem?

I personally dont need any hand stimulation, but thats just me. Every individual is different.

Take some supplements such as L-arginine and it will help you get erections much easier.

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Oh.. 23.. be reasonable :) .

Give your dick a good rest. Twice a day, ok but realize you’re not a teenager any more. I’m guessing you also watch porn every time you do it, right? So, you’re conditioned to it. Look at the treads with titles like porn detox or similar. Use the search function. Experiment, for example don’t touch your dick (except for peeing and washing) for a week. Or two weeks. When you feel the need to masturbate (without porn) do it. After a month or so watch some good porn but don’t kegel and don’t use hands. See and feel the difference. If this doesn’t help maybe you need some good nutrition and/or exercise (eat healthy anyways..).

Good luck.

I had some problems like that early on. Here’s some tips:
1. don’t masturbate if you expect sex.
2. relax
3. practice, it’ll get better
4. have sex when you aren’t tired or drunk
5. avoid porn always

Yeah, sometimes I use a little hand stimulation to get started.


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