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I need help from any Length Warriors because I'm too thick


Thinking about it, It was probably more like 2” girth.

My only regret is not gaining length first through stretches,

I can tell any guy here,

If you have a long unit, then all you have to do is go buy some lotion and practice jelqing and you will be a monster sized guy.

Jelqing works. I just have to figure out if stretching does.

How long did it take you to gain that much girth?

what happens if I have an upward curve and high erection angle, it would be possible to train that way?.

Other question, when you say 1 hour, that means jelquing 1 hour straight non stop everyday?.

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I swear, when I first saw your name, I was like WOW, we got a sponsor from espn sports. LOL. Just joking.

I am really tempted to do point down jelqing at 65-70% erection level for girth, but I really want to get more longer first. I have mixed feelings about doing my routine at 50% erection level. I feel like out of the place, but my dick always look plump, and really fat afterwards, so it should be working.

What are you guys’ opinions on how high erection levels you should do for the newbie routine? (I apologize for jacking your thread with this question, ESPN)

JAI Stretches look good for you, bro. I think you should do that if you really want tackle the length gains.


The most you will do on any given session is about an hour. It does not have to be non stop. If you need to take a couple minutes to regain your balance a couple times per session that is fine.

I almost never worked at below 50 percent. I mean I could go as high as 80 percent erection. It just felt right. I just knew it was working.

I am doing the JAI stretches everyday with a rice sock warm up for about 10-15 reps x 5 sets: 1 minute interval.

I would say forget about all girth work including jelqing. you seem to require a more length focused routine. try stretches with a fulcrum or btc stretches. If you fail to really feel the stretch because you are too conditioned and you want more length then go for hanging. if you do it properly in the end you will gain.

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ESPNSports - thanks for writing your routine. I am going to try that out, maybe alternate it with my pumping routine. When I am jelqing I do some of my jelqs that way.

crazyone - I think newbies should probably stay in the 60%-ish range and below in order to get conditioned.


That being said - don’t do fully erect jelqs - too dangerous, injury etc.

So, did anyone but ESPN gain girth with this jelqing method?


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