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I just CAN'T gain


I just CAN'T gain

Is it possible that some people just can’t gain with PE? As the days and months go by, my PE spirit wanes with the lack of success. It’s been nearly 13 months since I started my epic journey and today my dick stands smaller than it was 13 months ago. I certainly haven’t been as consistent as I could have been, but I think the sum total of everything that I have done should have yielded something. Keep in mind, I’m not bashing PE at all because I know it works for most people. I guess I’m just desperately trying to figure out why it won’t work for me. Maybe I am in the small group of people who don’t have the capacity to gain size via PE? Please guys, be honest with me in your opinions.

On this span of time, have you tried to tweak your routines? What may work for others doesn’t mean may work for you too.

I saw your question over at pegym, and responded there also. Never let it turtle, again. Also, try exercises after getting out of a hot bath, while the ligaments are warm.

I’ve heard of guys speak of not gaining that much after years of PE, but they’ve mostly gained at least a little. One of the worst scenarios was PE for 3 years and gained 0.5 in. in length and 0.2 in girth…I think? it was something like that, but he did gain a little. Permanant damage and not gaining at all is my worst PE nightmare. Iwish you luck on your gains, friend. Your effort deserves gains.

I would suggest and honest posting of your routine, and a timeline of exercise vs. rest. I liken PE to people with serious ligament and joint damage - because that’s what we are going for. Your stretching a small amount of muscle (the smooth muscle) and a variety of ligs and fibers. People who have over stretched their ligaments through serious damage, or repetition injury get that way through damaging again and again, and not allowing the ligs, fibers, muscles to heal before damaging again. I’m talking about any part of the body here, not just related to the penis, and its connecting tissue.

I can’t see how anyone cannot make PE results happen unless they are lacking consistency, or allowing too much rest between sessions. I’m not sure if you fall into this category, but you mentioned a lack of consistency, and I know from experience that you have to really keep at it. Everyone preaches rest, but for me rest just makes my unit tougher. When I don’t let it rest, my penis is always pliable, and I always feel great about my routines. Honestly man, I hang every day, and I’m always pulling on my penis with a moderate level of strength. Once in a while, or every other day just toughens things up.

So post your routine, and think honestly about how much effort you’ve been putting in. Many guys agree that rest is just an enemy, and looking at how joint, and ligament damage occurs it just makes sense.

Some guys will say I push things too hard but I have adjusted my routine to a moderate level of force, and very little rest. Just stretching a few minutes every hour is better than nothing.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

2007: BPEL 5.5" / MSEG 4.7" / BG 5.5"

2017: BPEL 6.8" / MSEG 5.3" / BG 6"

To be honest, how often do you train? You must stay consistent - you won’t gain anything when you only train 2 days a week! There are people who might gain with very less effort, but it seems like you are a hardgainer, so you must stick to your routine more than normal guys.

I train a minimum of 5 days a week. Rest hasn’t proven to do much good for me.

I have never stuck with the same routine for too long, which might be partly my problem.

But I’d like to think that the sum total of what I have done should have yielded something.

If you switch around a lot that could be your problem! Give a sample of your routine, and then a sample of what you would switch to. But how did it get smaller you put on weight?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Originally Posted by bluray
If you switch around a lot that could be your problem! Give a sample of your routine, and then a sample of what you would switch to. But how did it get smaller you put on weight?

No, I didn’t put on any weight. I measure BPEL anyway. I’m the same weight I was 3 years ago. I just measure smaller, I don’t know…

Here’s a sample switch:

December 10-31, I jelqed for 15 minutes (about 250-300)
January 1-20, I added stretching for 10-20 minutes, and dropped jelqing down to 150-200

So, it’s not like I was changing drastically. I’ve ALWAYS done the same 2 core exercises…Stretching and Jelqing. I tried pumping for 2 months in the summer (and did it consistently 5 days a week) but it yielded no results, just a swollen glans - I pumped at low pressure short duration too.

I suggest you pick length or girth and focus all of your energy into it so when your not gaining you know you either just need to add more time spent PE’ing or get a bit more intense. Taking 2 complete rest days would totally destroy my chance of gains so maybe your 2 off days you could just do a light or “20% day”.

I personally can only gain length from 1-3 hours a day of solid length exercise and no complete rest days but my first gains when I was a noob came from 45 minutes a day of stretching 2 on 1 off. Maybe you need to start increasing your durations.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I’ve been focusing on length for 2 months now, doing stretching and low erection jelqing. Initially I had gained 1/8” in BPEL, but since I have lost the gains plus an additional 1/16” putting me back to my starting size.

Maybe your tissues are just swollen I don’t record gains until I let up for awhile and after PE I am shorter. Did you do anything strange to injure yourself?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I’ve never really even had a negative P.I. let alone an injury. I think I’d feel it if my tissues were swollen, and I don’t.

I’ve had jelqing sessions excede the 1000 rep mark and I didn’t get any negative reaction from it.

“I certainly haven’t been as consistent as I could have been”

I’m still new to actually doing PE, but from everything I’ve read it’s all about consistency. Also, when you do your jelqs, how long are you doing each one? 300 in 15mins may be too fast.

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