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I have some random beginner questions

I have some random beginner questions

Okay where shall I start.. I’ll think as I go on. Sorry if I shouldn’t be making new threads but I think they’re going to be specific questions.

1. When stretching my penis with my hands, should I alternate hands every workout or stick with my dominant hand?
2. When I wet jelq and use the O.K. Grip, is it better to do palm up or down?
3. Should I start as deep as I can from the base without affecting the balls?
4. When I squeeze at the base and slide up, the base of my penis doesn’t feel as hard or I guess as thick as the middle of my penis and above even though I’m the same girth throughout. And I’ve been noticing my flaccid hang seems a bit baseball bat-y. Not sure what I’m asking here exactly but does anyone else feel the base of their dick is less meaty when 50-60% erect? What should I do about this?

That’s it for now.. Thanks

1. I alternate hands within each workout. But it’s not as important as alternating directions, up down, left right, straight out.

2. Your preference.

3. Yes. As close to the base as is comfortable.

4. Yes I feel this also, and I also have uniform girth from base to head. It’s in part due to blood building up as your jelq continues up the shaft. As you slide the jelq up, more blood is trapped, making the shaft feel thicker as the jelq continues. Don’t worry about it as long as your girth is remaining even throughout. I’m not sure what to do if you do start to get a baseball bat effect (I’m sure a search on “baseball bat” would have plenty of results) but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Thanks for the response. I’m good now. Going to look into stuff other than stretching and jelqing to possibly incorporate into my routine. Only started PE last week though.

I’d advise sticking with stretching and jelqing for as long as it keeps working. The idea is to use as safe and low-force methods as long as possible while still getting growth. Using high-force or mechanical methods prematurely could lead to an injury or the penis tissue becoming tougher and resistant to growth. Good luck whatever you do, and do plenty of research, the info is here.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Yup. I’m thinking of adding things like uh.. I guess edging and ballooning to my routine. I’ll try and look for some more beginner staples exercises though.

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