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A few random pump questions

A few random pump questions

I have always measured the same way since the beginning of my pe career, to now.
I put the ruler on the top right corner and push in to get (now) 6 3/4”.
I marked my pump tube in inch sections with smaller markings to show 1/4”, 1/2”, and 3/4” between each inch mark.
Well according to pump marks, I’m still in the 5” range and after a few good sets I get to 6 1/4”.
Which is more accurate? 6 3/4” bp or topped out at 6 1/4” tube length.

Next is a question from a thread I read, I believe it was Aristocanes, where he says to take it past what max expansion would be to make it heal in an enlarged state.
I believe he was strickly talking about clamping, but I’m not sure.
Anyways I know that to high of hg is bad, but if I usually pump at say 5 hg,
Would 6 hg be a safe overextended pump.
Basically whatever your normal pump hg is, would extending it 1 hg more give you what aristocane was talking about?

Also to revive a question I asked about a month or so ago.
How long did it take before pumping moderators packed their tube.
I have been very patient with this pumping at low hg for a few months now.
And my dick hasnt grown at all.
When I was pumping at 5 hg then 6 hg (second set) then 6.5 or 7 hg (last set, depending on my dicks reaction) for 15 - 20 minutes per set.
Thats when I saw growth.
And yes I do other pe exercises with my pumping.
It may have been temp. Gains or swelling, although I never had lymph build up, but atleast it was doing something.
And I always woke up with a killer hard on in the morning.
I never “over did it” but I was maxing out what my limit was (in a healthy margin of course)
But since the low hg pumping, it’s like I have only been condition pumping.
And only getting my dick ready for a more advanced session.
Either way, I know maxing at 5 hg is not for me.
And 7 hg is the absolute max I can handle comfortably.
Does anyone else fit into this margin also.
Thanks for listening to me rant.
And thanks for the upcoming answers and remarks.

Hey there fella, I usually always pump it up to 7-8hg & stay in it for 30-45min. & almost always wall out the tube. I’m right at 8x6” post pumping & 7.75x5.75 if I haven’t been doing pe for awhile.

My base packs pretty much right from the start.

But as I have stated in an old thread, I can’t seem to pack anything

Higher than halfway up the shaft.

And it’s not that my ultimate quest is to pack the tube, it’s to grow my dick.

But I always read about people packing, and some havent even pumped as long as me.

7 -8 hg’s for 30 - 45 minutes, wow that seems like a lot.

Are you sure it’s not just lymph buildup.

I wouldn’t mind trying that for that long, but I have been very careful

Not to overdo my pumping, so that I don’t get lymph build up.

So far so good.

But as I was saying, I wonder if my own level of low hg pumping is higher than others low level.

Is that possible?

3,4,and maxing out at 5hg isnt doing squat for me.

So maybe 4,5, and 6 hg will, or maybe it’s 5,6,then max at 7hg that is my spot.

I do know it isnt any higher than that.

Originally Posted by pocopeepee

But as I was saying, I wonder if my own level of low hg pumping is higher than others low level.
Is that possible?3,4,and maxing out at 5hg isnt doing squat for me.
So maybe 4,5, and 6 hg will, or maybe it’s 5,6,then max at 7hg that is my spot.
I do know it isnt any higher than that.


You can certainly experiment with brief moments of pumping at higher hg. I’d suggest going up by 1 hg increments, holding for a minute and then settling down back to 5”hg. In order for me to jumpstart more length stretch in the tube, I also have to use BRIEF excursions to higher hg levels. You say that 7” hg is the highest for your comfort level. Just listen to what your dick tells you and don’t RUSH OR OVERDO things.


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Yeah 7 hg is my highest.

I have been higher to see how it feels.

But anything over 7 and I don’t feel like it is comfortable to keep at.

So therefore I don’t.

But perhaps holding 7 and trying 8 hg for a minute as you said then drop back down will work.

I’ll try.

If it doesnt then perhaps holding 6 and trying 7 or 8 for a minute.

Thanks though for the tip, I’ll play around like that until I find one I like.

I think it’s just like in the gym poco, you have to push yourself to make gains, but not so much where you get hurt. I am still stuck at my measurements, but I think that is because I am really inconsistent. I plan on starting over AGAIN. Anyway, your body is capable of more than you think, so you have to push the limits sometimes. I mean, isn’t that what Pe is all about anyway

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Yeah, but it is different though.
In the gym, if I overwork a muscle, it could mean a muscle tear and I can’t work it til it heals. No biggy.
Pe, if I overwork my dick, I could injure something, and it might never be the same afterwards.
I don’t mind exceeding limits, but I don’t just do them, I’ve only got 1 dick.
I would rather find out things before I attempt them.

Does anybody have any comments about the bpl vs tube length measurements?

Same here. The highest Ive been is 7hg and it felt pretty intense. 3-4hg really doesnt do much for me so I try to stay around 5-6 the majority of the times. I’ll try going up 1hg and settling back down like PEforeal suggested. Good nfo!

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