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A bunch of random questions.

A bunch of random questions.

Hey everyone!

I’ve been doing PE already for a full month. I’ve been using the newbie routine (10min warm / 5min stretch / 10min Jelq - Kegels during the day).
So far so good! I’ve been increasing the intensity so right now I’m doing 10/10/16, moving up to 10/10/20 next week.

My questions right now it’s that since I started to increase the intensity I’ve been experiencing the doughnut effect. Based on what I read, it’s not bad to have it since it goes away in couple of hours - and it did. But I wanna hear from some experienced folks what you guys think - healthy or not?
I also have doing the “contract your abdomen when doing down stretch”, and today I felt kind my skin just above my hips very like super stretched that I thought I was going to lose it. Also because of the skin that I gain from FR all the exercises seems to be harder to do. When I stretch I feel more in the base of pubic region, is that right?

Also maintaining a good erection doing Jelqs has become more difficult. I have to stop when nothing I’m shrinking, get hard, and start again - is it normal? Any tips to maintain a good erection?

Have been reading people mentioning cool-down. What would be that? More heat or cold water?

Is anyone doing both PE and FR at the same time? I have stop the FR since I started doing PE and I must say I lost a lot of my sensibility on the head of my penis. Anyone tips?

I must say I feel really committed to do it, having skipping any workout day and so far I’ve experiencing morning woods and harder erection, thought as I mention, some lose on sensibility.

I try to avoid any type of shrinkage post PE. I use golf weights (montys) but fowfers work the same, at least when sitting down. Fowfers will be fine for you to try. It’s not “unhealthy”, it’s just IMO any shrinkage post stretch is not good for gains, at least in my head lol I have no evidence for it it just seems like common sense.

The stretching skin sensation you felt is fine, differen people feel it different area. Some people get sore ligs, some don’t. So long as you’re applying a decent force for a decent time (min 30 secs) then you’ll be fine at this stage.

Uusually jelqing is the opposite, people get too erect. Nothing wrong with jelqing with a low erection level btw, better for length. I used to put a slideshow of porn pics up if I wanted to get a higher e level, a film would make it too much.

I don’t do the cool down, it’s usually heat I think. I found jelqing worked great for foreskin restoration, so kill two birds with one stone. Not a good sign that you’ve lost sensitivity tbh, at least not if it’s for more than few hours. If anything it should go up with the increased blood from the jelqing. I have had numerous epsiodes of numbness and it’s not a nice experience lol.

Sound like you’re doing good, just take it slow and watch your EQ. Two areas I always mess up on. I have a tendency to go too much too fast and lose EQ, think I’m not gaining at stop lol.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Thank you Lord Harris!! And sorry for my bad english if something written didn’t make sense.

I read that kegel should help me with the sensibility, I’ll try do more during the day. Also read that Jai Stretch should be a easy one to do during the day too, gonna start trying it.

Today is workout day!! Let’s see what is going to happen.

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