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I can't find a answer to this.

I can't find a answer to this.

Hi to everyone, and, I’m totally new in here, I have 1 day searching for a post, where I can fin a answer to this..

All the Members have an Active Sexual Life? Can I have Sex and do the PE with out been Noticed by my Partner? I mean.. I’ll not have problems, with my penis while having sex.? I usually have Sex (full sex) the Sundays for Sure, and in the week 1 or 2 Times. Don’t know, no one here says if they have Girlfriend or Wife.. (Looks like no one say it)

Hope no to bother with my Question. Thanks ;)

Yes, you can have an active, healthy sex life while PEing. If you are PEing so much that you can’t get good erections for sex, then you are PEing TOO much.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place, by the way :)

Also, there is a Spanish language forum here if you work better in Spanish (since your location is Mexico).

Thanks for answering :

Thanks for Answering.. And, yeah, I know abou the forum in Spanish.. But I’m Newbie and there says I’m Limited To Start new threats only in this Section of the Forums.. But, anyway, it help me to improve my write English, don’t it? Hehe.. Nice name, BTW, ParaGoomba, hehehe.. Mario Bros Fan or Something? Lol (I do, if you ask the same.. N_nU)

Thanks again :D

Yes, from Mario Bros. :)

Yeah, you need 20 posts, I think, before you can post in other forums besides the Newbie forum. I’m glad you have a good attitude about it! You’ll get to 20 in no time ;)

Look's like not.

Uhm.. I’m having problems.. I can’t Start Threats in the Newbie section in Spanish.. Once I press “Submit”, the Explorer got all White and “ready” but nothing happens, and my post is not Posted. I can reply threats, but not Start one. :(
And I have the same Problem when I try to create my Signature.. I just can’t. (And I want one :( )


BTW, I can use BBcode in my Posts?


Scroll down to the bottom left of the Main page and change your language to Spanish and try posting a new thread in the Spanish Newbie Forum again. You should be able to use bbcode and you can change/add to your signature by clicking the usercp button at the top of any page.

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