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Howdy I got a hopefully you can help me find it

Howdy I got a hopefully you can help me find it

I am looking for something like what psychojitsu uses for his double coil wrap! I have clamps already The part I’m talking about is the part he wraps around his shaft all the way up to beneath his glands! Has anyone got any ideas where I can find something like that? A name? A website? A store? I’ve looked at his pictures many times but still can’t figure out what it is! Please Help. Gratsi

I am going to try this with the airclamp since soo many people have great things to say about it!


4 sets every other day- Air Clamp at base wrap something up my shaft to beneath my glands leave it for 10 minutes than break! What do yall think?

Have you pm’d psychojitsu?

regards, mgus

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Haha yes but he doesn’t remember what it was

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