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How to wrap

How to wrap

Can anyone give me some links to threads about wrapping FOR STRETCHING WITH THE CAPTAIN’s WENCH.

I saw there is a video about wrapping but it says it is meant for hanging. Also that wrap really looks too thick in my opinion, if used for stretching with the wench. I tried using the wench without wrapping and it just slipped off, thereby also injuring my penis by causing a slight rash. Hopefully with a decent wrap that won’t happen again.

Thanks for your help guys!

I’m pretty sure it’s for hanging AND stretching


So.. Any answers?

Cosmoxyl,I wrap with an ace bandage.I don’t like the ones that adhere to themselves ,so I use the old fashioned kind and tape it.

When I wrap I take hold of the glans ,and stretch it out.Not hard but I give it a nice pull.I grip it it in an overhand o.k. Grip.I then use my other hand to roll a little skin up toward the glans,which I grip as well.then I take my wrap and starting about half to three quarters of an inch below the glans I begin wrapping.

The exact movement is hard to describe ,but I go around the first time and hold it with the pinky of the hand doing the stretching while I make a second pass.Then you can let go with your grip and start spiralling toward your base.I wrap snuggly ,but not too tight,kinda kegel and hold so a little blood is in there.I overlap each preceding spiral by a half inch or so until I get to the base.

Then I just use a piece of scotch tape to hold it in place.Now your ready for your wench.The bit of skin you bunched up at the top keeps the wench from irritating the glans and I’ve found it to be quite comfortable. I use a two inch wide ace for this about 20 inches long. Hope this helps you.

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