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How to reduce upward curve

How to reduce upward curve

I have a upward curved penis, but it’s not just slight it’s a largely angled upwards. I think it was due to when I was little I used to pull my erection up to my waistline in order to hide my erection. How can I reduce the angle of my upward curved penis?

Stretching ideally combined with collagen softener such as potaba.




Why in the hell would you want to reduce an upward curve, upward curves just kill the ladies, it gives them a lot of pleasure due to rubbing of g spot, it stimulates the walls of the vagina directly with the tip of the glans, it creates an illusion of girth since it adheres itself to the walls better than a straight penis, it gives you the edge in some positions like when she is facing down with her legs close together and you ride her like a jockey :) .

A girl who I am currently seeing has been with a lot of guys and she told me that the fact that it has an upward curve, makes her feel like it has a lot more girth, and she also tells me that it makes her feel things that she hasnt felt with straight penises.

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Heat and downward stretches, expecially if using a fulcrum.

Check out a Thread by Memento called “Mem’s momentous ——gain mechanism” and pay attention to “heat ” as mentioned above and the type and duration of the Stretch described therein. It is a type of “fulcrum stretch” as mentioned by Marinera. Be careful, though, if you are uncut and the stretch length is too long if you are a newbie.


Why do people want to prevent or eliminate upward curves? According to a recent thread about the perfect penis, many said it would curve upwards because it looked more triumphant!

I’d love to get mine curving upward more. That’s why 90% of my stretching is a V-stretch.

You need to read what avantasia said about a hundred times and then once more. When I was young I thought my upward curve was really strange since I had only seen straight penises in porn. Then when I started having sex the women were like wow you really hit my g spot that was great. Ok, so maybe they didn’t know the terms and say exactly that but enjoy your upward curve it is gift. Just be careful when the woman is riding you on top, the bend makes it more likely for her to slam down and bend your penis. I once had that happen and couldn’t feel a thing down there for a week. It scared the hell out of me. I wouldn’t trade my upward bend or my girth for the world.

This thread has just reminded me of how great upward curves are. I had recently been jelqing against my curve to make it straighter, I think I may stop now that now actually :)

The guys in porn without an upward curve never look excited to me, I really think the curve looks more Verile

I’ve got an upward curve and about the only thing that I think I’m missing out on is some reverse riding. Can’t do it, the erection points at 12 o’clock and it’s curved. It just doesn’t bend enough to make it happen. Unless it’s pushing into your stomach, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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