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Who managed to fix an upward curve?

Who managed to fix an upward curve?

I fucking hate my curve, I really can’t stand looking at it anymore it depresses me, It makes my penis look weak, less masculine, and most importantly shorter than it really is. and don’t give me that “upward curve hits g-spot better”. Thats bullshit made up by a fellow curver to make himself feel better.

so if anyone here actually managed to straighten up an UPWARD curve, please share your methods.

btw jelqing against an upward curve is completely impractical, and erect bends don’t seem to work much not to mention they hurt.

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Hey I have an upward curve, and I have fixed it up a little, but seriously I know so many people who love upward curves, I decided to just push it in certain directions when jelqing or something and just push against it, and in masturbation I just push against it also. Just don’t think about it and it will soon begin to dissipate. But seriously I still have a little upward curve and I’m planning to keep it, it really does help with hitting the g spot. I know some people with straight penis’ that are actually jealous of my curve. I don’t know about you, but think about keeping it to an extent :D OOOH here is another thing I might add .. A good stretch to get rid of your upward curve is to do V stretches .. But instead of pushing down on the ligaments .. Push up from underneath the penis .. Do a bunch of those and just do variations and stuff, and after awhile you will start to see your penis straightening out a bit, but remember: straightening a penis curve takes time .. So be patient.

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Also, I used to hate my curve also .. :( .. But after you fix it a little bit, you might learn to love it as well. And maybe think about jelqing with less of an erection, thats what I do to target length gains, (it’s more comfortable and that way you can push it downwards better while jelqing .. I know it’s annoying to have to worry about pushing and then jelqing .. But stick with it! I got like .25 inch in like less than a month or so without realising it from using a low erection jelq.

Starting stats: NBPEL: 7.5 BPEL: 8.2 NBPFL: 5.5 BPFL: 6.5 EG: 6.0 First Goal~ / Final Goal~ NBPEL 8.0 / NBPEL 8.5 EG 6.25 / EG 6.50

Hey Harrow how would you suggest correcting a left curve?

19th Feb 2012

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Hey WMS! I got a method that worked well for it. I got my first curve due to hanging. Then I straightened it with hanging again. It will be tough to explain how I do it. Ill make some sketches and put it up here. Watch this thread.

BTW, Its basically more like a V-stretch I do. Ill let you know the details though

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I have an upward curve.. Not severe I don’t think.. Either way.. It does put some serious force on the g spot and the last girl I was with was experiencing some “amazing” orgasms.. Consistently. However I’m going to try and control it.. I think it’s Peyronies? Isnt any curve considered a symptom of Peyronies? Either way.. Taking 400 IU’s of Vitamin E and using a Vitamin E cream on your penis/curve has given a 75% success rate at eliminating curves.. Because Vitamin E helps eliminate Scar Tissue/Plaque which causes curves..

My question is.. Isnt building Scar Tissue the main idea behind gaining/PEing/Jelqing?

I’m worried if I use Vitamin E it will just hinder what I’m trying to build.

I’ve been taking Vit E for 25 years now and it hasn’t done anything to correct my upward curve. I wouldn’t want to correct it. As many have pointed out, it puts more pressure on her G spot. Embrace it, work with it… enjoy it!


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Have you tried creams?

I have an upward curve and I like the way it looks.

I have a downward curve and wish it was upward.

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Check this image and let me know what you think.

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Walk slowly but never backwards.

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