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How to maintain erections

How to maintain erections

I’m having a hard time maintaining any state of erection during stretches (only been doing this 2 days, haven’t even started jelq yet). Any advice on what I can do to increase blood flow?

Also, I’m having a tough time stretching as I am uncircumcised.. I keep pulling the foreskin. Any tips on different ways to hold?

Thanks in advance.

Hi coperated. Welcome to Thunder’s! Like Thunder said above simply in one sentence you do not want to manual stretch erect (althought I have done this with expiermentation) I’m realizing more there probaly is no benifit to it… First of all, do a lot more research here with all the manual stretching information you have before you do any intense streching coperated. In fact study all you about anything related to PE. :)

For increasing your blood flow, you want to start jelqing. Read up on that and start easy. It’s funny because I had to just start back up on jelqing a little bit (maybe once or twice throughtout the week) so I can increase my bloodflow again near the head and circ scar because of hanging mostly. Up till now I had done only many types of manual stretchs, and some hanging for a month and a half. I have gained up to 2 inches + in length almost at 8 inches NBP with little or no girth gains but I’ve noticed it has been a little harder since yesterday to get it up and my glans/head and circ scar seems a little white to much I’ve decided to increase the blood flow a bit up there and then when blood flow health is restored continue back to only manual stretching and hanging probaly unless I find a good jelqing technique. Whatever works at the moment you know?

As for your problem with being uncircumcised and stretching, I’m not personally uncircumsized but I have read many times that people that are like you should pull your foreskin back with one hand, create a OK grip with the other hand then pull out with the gripped hand.

Remember to take it easy beginning PE, but also try to work to a level of fatigue/soreness that you feel around the base of your penis where the pubes begin. This is a indication that you have worked hard enough to warrent some gains.

Hope all this information helps you out.

Hello and Welcome aboard operated,

I’m uncut too, I don’t have any problem with manual stretching now (I did before :) ). Just follow what LoveMachine has mentioned. Hmmm.. you know, if you found it’s too tough to stretch, use a little moisturizing cream (not too much just a little, remember that ok?) apply it on your palms or penis while stretching, actually it helps you to stretch easier and not to get your penis skin so dry. But if you found stretching without it is much better than forget what I said.

Good luck with your routine.

Best regards,


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Hey Lovemachine, how much of your length gains to you attribute to manual streches and how much to hanging?

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Slack…every single thread I have clicked today has had your post as the most recent…what is going on?!?!

Not that I mind, your opinions and posts are always great and I’m loving your avatar :)


Originally Posted by Titan_AE
Slack…every single thread I have clicked today has had your post as the most recent…what is going on?!?!

Not that I mind, your opinions and posts are always great and I’m loving your avatar :)

When I get on here, I usually read 90% of threads, and post where I feel its needed.

Its not unusual to open the newbie forum and see me having the most recent post in 10+ threads :)

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