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Will PE help with weak erections?

Will PE help with weak erections?

Hi guys.

I was with a girl yesterday(2nd girl i’v ever been with) and for some reason my erection could never reach %100!
i was pretty much stuck on about %60 erect, i was getting a bj and my cock just wouldnt fully respond. The night ended badly, i wasnt able to ejaculate and the intercourse was very crap. This has happened before, but i was very drunk the first time so i just ignored it and moved on.

I now realise that even when i masturbate my erections never reach 100%. I’m only 19 years old and am pretty devasted, i’v heard of these things being phsychological, but when i am alone i can achieve 100% erection but can never maintain it for long. I’m now puzzled as to why this is. I have a few suspicions that are.

-I am overweight(even though i lost about 70 pounds in the last 7 months, i was 350 pounds and am now still 280 pounds)
-Maybe its phsychological due to my in-experience and nerves etc.
-too much masturbation, i usually masturbate 2-3 times a day

My major question is will PE dramatically improve my erections? and what exercises can i do for a rock hard erection, i dont care about length and girth right now, just erection strength. I heard around here that kegels are good for erections, but how many should i do a day? and should i also jelq?

Thank youb

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