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How to keep blood in penis when jelqing

How to keep blood in penis when jelqing


This is my fourth week in Newbie routine. After stretching
I put my penis to semierect(about 50%) and start jelqing.
I Jelq quite hard.
After about 20 strokes my penis feels quite empty and soft.
It feels like there are no more(maybe little) blood left what to move towards to the glans.

Is this normal?
What can I do to keep the starting amount of blood in my penis while jelqing?

Same with me Andy. Jelqing at 40-60% doesn’t move much blood. My glans isnt erect hard. Only when I jelq at 70-80% while kegeling do my glans stay engorged like when I have an erection.

I think jelqing at a low percent focuses more on length whereas jelqing at a higher percent focuses more on girth.

Watch some porn, jerk of a little and get to a high erection level, then let it subside to the desired erection level.

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Scipio81, quest for girth

You might try clamping. Apply a clamping device build up pressure and tighten clamping Device down tighter. Then start your jelqing exercise. There is a video on clamping. I have used this method and it works. You just have to be careful that you don’t overdo it. Do not damage yourself.

Originally Posted by Andy1


I Jelq quite hard.


This is the mistake.

Kegel hard before each stroke.

I find that using the overhand grip doesn’t trap blood nearly as good as the underhand grip. I jelq all the way up, just before the glans, maintain the pressure, take my free hand, grab the base as close to thepubic bone as possible, squeeze til the unit slightly expands, and then repeat.


First, loosen up on the grip if you are gripping too hard.

Second, like strokerace69 said, kegel. When you feel there is not enough blood in the shaft to jelq with, kegel to add more blood.

I turn on some porn during my jelq sessions but I only take quick glances at it. If I continue to watch throughout, I end up getting too hard to perform a good jelq.

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