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Blood during jelqing

Blood during jelqing

Hi all.I know it seems boring to start a thread without some interesting heading ..
But I have some problems with PE..
I started it back in January..
Was strictly stuck to the newbie routine..
I had not any idea at that time that PE is much more complex then I thought..
I thought it’s it was quite obvious that I overdid the routine with too much jelqing pressure and stretching..
After a few weeks I had some threads of blood coming out with precum during jelqing so I got the advice to rest for at least two weeks.which I did.mind it I had no gains at that time.then came across the thread of linear newbie routine.which seemed quite impressing to me..
After a rest of 2 weeks I started linear newbie routine..
I had the plan to work it up to standard newbie I m almost doing it for a month today..
I just had a jelq session and stretching..

What I want to stress upon is that today during jelqing those tiny blood drops again appeared during my routine.I still m not quite sure about the jelqing pressure.I thought I m doing it correctly but then why this blood appeared..
Was I stretching too hard or squeezing the jelqs could a reason behind it..
Now I realize I have to rest for at least a month..
I don’t want to leave PE forever but these blood drops are just so scary..
I don’t know what to do.please any senior guys here help me..
Also if anyone can describe the jelqing pressure,I would be more than happy..
I unintentionally apply too much force as if to get gains more quickly.Can’t stop my hands..
My routine was like this..

5 mins hot wraps
30 seconds stretch each direction
70 to 80 wet jelqs of 3 seconds each with coconut oil
5 mins hot wraps.

Look at the routine .how easy it looks then why the hell those bloody blood drops keep appearing..
May I not leave the PE forever.

I m so disturbed with no gains after so much dedication rather losses came my way..

Now I m not deciding between whether to continue PE after a month or to leave it forever

Due to those blood drops..

By the way had anyone of you a problem like this before..

PE is much more complex than I ever thought.


Blood drops are nothing, does not even need a rest.

But you need:

-Longer warm up 10min+: much more important than a warm down, you can skip it.

-Jelq at a lower erection level.

-You need more stretchs. Dont use a time limit like “30sec stretch”: check your BPFSL, and stretch your dick more than your previous BPFSL.

In my opinion when any part of me bleeds I feel a bit worried, and possibly a little more so when it’s my genitalia.. but that’s just me.

Goal: B====D ---> B=========D

Your current routine is similar to the one I’m currently on; it’s likely you just need to try jelqing at lower erection levels or with a looser grip, good luck.

For the love of god….bleeding? That has to be damage. Lay off for two months, man. I damaged my unit but no blood and I have to take off more than a month. Good God.

I could not find any real help from senior members or mods here..

Please guide me what should I do??

Some people say here it’s nothing!!

How could that be possible??

Bleeding is the most obvious sign of an injury..

But anyways I m leaving PE for at least a month..

But should I start again.throwing my penis again on risk..

I don’t want to leave PE forever but is it worth it??

I m confused.

Sorry Thunders.

I have the bad habit of putting these extra periods.

But you will not see them again.

I will be careful next time.

You know, healing depends on the vascularization of the organ: a bone needs 3 months (average) to regenerate, ligaments takes 3 weeks, a skin scar 10-15 days , but the dick is very very vascularized and such wounds need only like 1 day to heal.
It means it is more than 10 times easier to heal your blood plots than a cut due to brambles for example.
I work as a physiotherapist I see wounds, scars, fractured bones, 10hours per days, and I tell you: those blood plots are a joke.

Sorry for my english;

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Tiny blood spots are burst capilaries. I read somewhere that burst capilaries supposedly heal in 3 days. But to be safe, it would be good to reduce the pressure you put on your dick while doing PE exercises, since it’s reasonable to assume that burst capilaries over an extended period of time could cause significant damage little by little.

Anything greater than tiny blood spots is alarming. If that’s true, you need to take a break from PE for at least 2 months. After that, remember to jelq with much less pressure so as to not cause burst capilaries or other more severe injuries.

Blood + Penis = BAD!

Originally Posted by rock900
…I have the bad habit of putting these extra periods.
But you will not see them again…

Thanks rock.

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