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How to isolate or clamp off a single CC

How to isolate or clamp off a single CC

I have a size disparity between my left and right CC’s, my left chamber is significantly larger than my right chamber (I’d say the left is about 1/3 larger than the right). I’ve been doing PE for a little over a year and have focused most of my efforts on enlarging my right CC and straightening the right curve in my shaft that this predicament has caused.

The exercises I use to target girth in my right CC are erect bends and clamped erect bends. Mainly I bend my penis to the left while clamped which stretches and expands my right CC. There are many small details that I use to maximize expansion the right CC and keep expansion in my left CC to a minimum and If anyone would like me to go into detail I can.

The main purpose of me creating this thread is to ask if it’s possible to individually clamp just one CC (either the left or right). I’ve researched if it’s possible across a few forums and have not been able to verify if it is actually possible or not. I’ve read a few post where people have talked about cutting of the blood of a single CC with the index finger and thumb (as opposed to clamping the entire penis with an “ok grip” as some people do). I’ve included the posts below and have tried a good amount of times to clamp off my right CC with my index and thumb but haven’t been able to successfully do so.

I apologize for this long winded post and tried to make it as short as possible but I’m just basically looking for a little bit of input into this issue. Also if possible could a moderator move or copy this into the non newbie penis enlargement section as to get some input from the veterans. Thank you.

Post #1
Get 100% erect. Flex your PC muscle as strong as possible and keep them flexed while at the same time close your thighs together and squeeze your ass muscles. This alone will give you above 100% expansion in the chambers, even if you let the PC squeeze go (which you can do now). The thighs/legs ass muscles function as a clamp and you will not loose even 0.1% of your erection as long as you have your ass muscles (not the PC muscles) and thighs tensioned and closed together.

Grip at the base with a right hand overhand grip so that the thumb and index finger of the right hand meet/close at the center of the right chamber.

Your wrist has to do a lot of twisting now (so it better be flexible) because the overhand grip has to be positioned so the index and thumb finger of the right hand close exactly at the center of the right chamber.

Flex PC muscle and at same time use the thumb and index finger of right hand (which are positioned at center of the chamber) to Uli/Jelq the right chamber just a couple millimeters. This will be enough to direct most of the new blood from the PC squeeze into the desired chamber. The blood is also pumped into the other chamber but more so into the chamber that you uli/jelq exclusively.

Repeat this 3-4 times and you will see that the smaller chamber is now over-engorged with blood, also the other chamber is very engorged.

Now tighten the overhand grip so strong and close the index and thumb to trap all the blood completely. The force distribution will be even in both chambers and the weaker gets the better workout while the stronger still gets worked out.

Only now you can let loose of your ass muscles, PC muscles , open the thighs if you like and admire the huge girth monster in your hands.

Post #2
Do a squeeze in your case with your left hand at the base so the index finger cuts off the right side of the CC’s blood flow and the palm is on the left side of the shaft at the base. Then take the right hand and come around the left side so the palm is on the left side and the thumb is on the top and your index finger is on the right side of the shaft or just something to cut of the right side CC at the top if there is something easier you find and then bend in the opposite direction of the “lean” and squeeze for 30 seconds and do as many as you can handle. You should barely feel it in the left side and should get that really high pressure feeling in the right especially if you bend while squeezing.

Jelqing or squeezing a single CC isn’t going to work.

I would try to stretch the shorter CC with a fulcrum.

Originally Posted by marinera
Jelqing or squeezing a single CC isn’t going to work.

I would try to stretch the shorter CC with a fulcrum.

Ok thats pretty much what I thought but I just wanted to confirm once and for all. However when speaking of fulcrums in regards to erect bending (clamped or not) I don’t think any fulcrum can beat the use of your own hands. However when stretching in a flaccid state the use of fulcrums become much more desirable, at least in my mind.

Yes I was meaning flaccid. Erect stretching is about impossible, it would become more a erect bend (warning to all newbies, never bend your erect penis).

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