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My Clamp Device

My Clamp Device

In the pursue of girth gain (especially base girth), I will start hanging and clamping by next month. After shopping for a while, I cannot find the small size Cable Clamp, I can only get the big size. Then I search through the forum, and learn other alternative clamp devices such as Air Clamp, one that use the PVC pipe, etc.

It comes an idea (thanks Air Clamp for the idea) to make my own clamp device (I do not know if anyone has made it before). I made it and tried it for 3 days, and I like it very much. It’s 1001% stealth design (even when you use swimwear), no wrapping, you put it on and off within 10 seconds, you may (at your own risk) even use it whole day and will not block blood flow (in and out).

I make 2 versions, the material you need (as shown in picture #1):

- Velcro (Idea comes from the Captn’s wench, thanks for that)
- Thread and needle (Super Glue can be used too)
- Piece of Stretching band/waist band (I got it from my underwear and boxer, you can also get it from your wife/gf’s bra) OR
- Piece of cotton material (you can get it from your jeans)

To make it:

Cotton strip version (harder to make but most comfortable):
1. Cut the cotton strip (length is about 2” more than your EG, width about 0.5” - 1”)
2. Cut the velcro
3. Cut and sew the cotton strip and velcro (as shown in picture #2)

Stretching Band version (the simplest):
1. Cut the streching band (length is about your EG, mine is 1” width)
2. Cut the velcro and sew (or glue) as shown in the picture #3

You can find many sizes (width) of stretching material of different quality, things I know:
1. The smaller the width (one used with bra), the less pressure it has
2. The looser the knit gives less pressure (one from my underwear is very tight/close-knitted)
3. I tried to use super-glue to stick the velcro, but super-glue tends to harden the velco part, it becomes less flexible and not comfortable when wearing it.

I used them for 3 days as experiment period, I had my unit expanded to 5.3” EG (normal 4.75”).

Besides using them as clamper, they are also can be used as All Day Clamper, and suitable for replacing OK grip at the base, and I can do:
With the Stretching Band version, I can do one hand jelq, one hand OBend, one hand Sadsak Slinky, Head Squeeze.

With Cotton Strip version, I can do Head Squeeze, and as All Day Clamper

All Day Clamper (do it at your own risk):
1. I get full erection, and wrap the cotton strip version to the best position, and using a pen, I put a mark on the soft-velcro.
2. Every morning, after my jelq session, I wrap at the base and zap the velcro at the mark.
3. During the day, I will try to get erection, I time my self for only 5 minutes erection, then put my hand into my pocket, squeeze the head for 30 seconds to let it flaccid.

During the 3 days experiment period, I go to bathroom frequently to make sure it works well, and I got no injuries (besides 2 extra red spots).

Will it work as well as Cable Clamp/Air Clamp? I don’t know, but in te experiment period, I can feel the 5.3” EG (4.75” normal).

Anyone who wants to try it, just be careful, and I would be happy to hear bad and good news from you.

Finally, sorry for my English and poor quality pictures.

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Pretty cool and no need to apologize for having better English skills than most Americans. :)

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Disadvantage is that it is not as easy to adjust as the cable clamp which you can get somewhere around here, I guy who is also into pe weights, ican’t say more becasue thunder will kill me. However, since I live outside of the us just as you do, I had problems finding the stuff and was happy to get it over the net. Use the search function.

Later - ttt

It’s very very very easy to adjust.

The stretching band version:
As you can see the hook velcro is about 0.5” from the edge of the band, and it acts like a puller. Pull the edge as stretching band will stretch and ZAP to the soft velcro.

The cotton strip version:
I put a hole just after the hook velcro, and make the triangular edge at the other end. Once you wrap, you just push in the triangular into the hole, and you can pull both sides of the strip to tightened, and ZAP the velcro. It’s much easier than you tightened the shoe string.

I have picture that to show it, but I do not know how to attach here (I can only attach at the first post). Any help from mods?

Meiya, if it’s got a dick in the picture, it can’t be posted on the public part of the forums. There are a few ways to go about it:

1. You can use an object that is cylinder shaped to demonstrate your device.
2. You can start another thread in the members pics section where you can put dick pics and place a link in this thread so only members will see it.
3. You can have us move this thread to the members pic forum.

These are a few options and maybe some other mods can give additional suggestions.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Use a cylinder object to demonstrate. So it doesn’t get moved.

I need to see what that slit and the triangular edge is for.

I already have pic which the clamp is attached on a pen, not a dick. But I cannot attach it at this thread.

With the cotton version, as you can see there is a cut-strip near the hook velcro that will become a hole. You run the triangular end through the hole, just like you run through shoe string into the hole, then you can pull both ends to tighten up then later zap the velcro. With the stretching band version, it’s rather difficult to do it.

Once I know how to attach a picture, I will show you.

OK, here is the pictures, hope you can understand what I was saying.

I don’t take the stretching band version, I believe you all know how it was used.

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Ah ok I see. And it is extremely stealth.

Nobody will know what it is for.

That’s great, meiya, but isn’t it really just a homemade adjustable fabric cockring? Personally, I have made great flaccid and girth gains using a similar method, so good luck with the gains, and watch for blood flow: don’t be afraid to take it off if you need to during the day.


Yep, I think that’s homemade cockring. The cotton version is manually adjustable, but the stretching band version work very similar to air clamp, it will expand as you get erect, so it controls better blood flow.

Since I will starting using it next month, what’s your routine on the cockring? Time usage per day?

Originally Posted by locoloco
Ah ok I see. And it is extremely stealth.

Nobody will know what it is for.

Have you tried it? Hope you can get result from it, and tell us any progress.

Originally Posted by meiya777
Yep, I think that’s homemade cockring. The cotton version is manually adjustable, but the stretching band version work very similar to air clamp, it will expand as you get erect, so it controls better blood flow.

Since I will starting using it next month, what’s your routine on the cockring? Time usage per day?

I would put it on in the morning before work, (after pumping) and take it off when I got home, about nine hours. The bathroom was close to my office, so there were many times when I went in there during the day and removed the ring when it became uncomfortable. I use a leather ring with snaps.

Always wear a cockring that can be easily removed: permanent damage can occur if you get the ring stuck on in the erect state. The pumping/cockring routine gave me great flaccid and girth gains, but wearing a ring all day can be dangerous, so be careful and make sure you can remove it in a couple of seconds (through your trousers) if you have to!


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