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How much do you lose after PE

How much do you lose after PE

New here and not doing PE. I found my way to Thunder’s in a roundabout way after searching out information related to foreskin restoration. It’s something I’ve done in the past with moderate success, and am starting again for the long haul providing my old tendency toward troubles doesn’t come back to bite me.

Those who practice foreskin replacement techniques (growth through constantly applied skin tension) discover upon stopping that there is a rebounding effect as the skin recovers it’s natural elasticity. It’s similar to a rubber band which has been stretched around something a long while. Remove it and the band remains over-sized for a while, eventually shrinking back towards it’s virgin dimension. As a restorer, what you’re left with after the inevitable rebound is the actual new skin you’ve worked so hard to grow. I managed a good solid inch of new shaft skin over two years, and while that’s in the low range, I’m sure glad to have it. Time for more.

So, are you doomed to a life of PE work to keep gains you might actually realize? For damn sure, I don’t want to be actively restoring any longer than necessary to get reliable coverage.

Gains are pretty much permanent. I would say that length gains (due to lig stretching) are definitely permanent, while girth may require a light maintenance routine of say jelqs 2x a week.

But even if you do have to do a light maintenance routine, it is healthy for your penis and requires no more effort than occasional masturbation.


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