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How large penis is needed to give women vaginal orgasms

You should also keep in mind that some women will experience vaginal orgasms far easier than others. There have been surveys that indicated that a majority of women never reported experiencing an orgasm purely from vaginal penetration.

Personally, I think the cause of this is partially genetic, partially due to a lack of skill on the behalf of many, selfish males, and partially (to a large extent) due to the intimate emotional/psychological frame of mind that many women need to ‘let go’ to properly experience such an orgasm. I also believe that this third determinant, that of women being unable to let go, is exacerbated by the second determinant, that of men being poor, unaware, lovers.

One comes across different figures regarding the percentage of women who have orgasms from vaginal intercourse without direct stimulation, with percentages as low as 10% or as “high” as 40%.

The figures that most closely correspond to my own personal experience with a moderate sampling of women is as follows (I don’t remember where I read this): “30% of women will never experience orgasm with vaginal intercourse (without direct clitoral stimulation) and only 30% will do so with any regularity”.

If accurate, that would suggest that up to 40% might occasionally but rarely orgasm with vaginal sex, which pretty well fits with what I experienced with those partners with whom I had longer-term sexual relationships, about a third only came with clitoral stimulation, about a third came occasionally with vaginal intercourse but not frequently, about a third came pretty regularly with vaginal sex (nearly every time).

What have others experienced?

You don’t need a penis to give a woman vaginal orgasm. There’s a fancy technique I’ve seen (but haven’t yet tried) that the guy makes the “sign of horns” with the hand (metal!) and inserts the hand palm facing up, then quickly massages the g spot by vibrating the hand. Very quickly the woman goes BAM! Looks great.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Its mental guy. If a lady is into you she will have it.

Also the right angle or girth to stimulate the clitoris can make it happen.

5,5 MSEG to give a girl an orgasm, that`s bull. I am slightly under 5 MSEG and my current girlfriend gets multiple orgasms and she can`t walk like a normal person for the rest of the day after sex. When I met her she had never gotten an orgasm during sex without touching herself. Now she always and I mean always gets one orgasm or more during sex.

Be sure to do a search, and check out “Similar Threads” near the bottom of this thread. Lots of discussion on this topic, although fresh perspectives never hurt! ;)

A female member named Zane Blue used to frequent here a lot, and she was very big on it being the physiology of the woman — especially vaginal floor tone — much more so than the man’s dick size that leads to a woman orgasming during intercourse. Also, being over 30 years of age. Finally, being “wired for it” (check out the Similar Thread Women’s gaits could show orgasmic ability) and having the right diet (again search Zane’s posts)…

In a nutshell, a man with a smallish to average sized penis is well equipped to bring a woman to vaginal orgasm if *she* is equipped for it. :up:

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

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Every woman I’ve known has said there is no such thing as a purely vaginal orgasm; maintaining that some some sort of clitoral stimulation being essential. I don’t think clitoral stimulation depends on penis length at all; but maybe girth could affect this.

Ok, I asked my wife what is the difference between a vaginal and clitoral orgasm. She said, “I just orgasm, I don’t really know of ANY difference” All she said was that some are stronger than others. She only had more than 1 orgasm 1 time, and that time she had 2, but NOT back to back, there was a good 20min. In between each one. I also had 2 about the same time apart as well. She said she doesn’t understand how to achieve multiple orgasms. After she has an orgasm, she is what she calls “druggard”, meaning she feels like a guy feels, totally relaxed and ready to sleep.

Here is how I get my wife to experience the stronger orgasm. I make sure that I pump about 15min. Before sex to get a bigger girth. Then I go slowly with the sex, starting with a back massage for about 7 min. Then during the back massage I am rubbing her ass with my cock and then I start to massage her pussy and then I turn her over and lick her breasts and massage her pussy with 1 then 2 fingers. I try to stimulate the g-spot but I don’t really know if I acheive this. My wife does not know when her g-spot is. I make like a C and try to massage her g-spot. IF and I mean IF, we have NO kid distractions and she is relaxed she gets really excited when I do this and begs me to shove my cock inside her. I then slowly push it in and usually within minutes she orgasms. She always orgasms BEFORE I do now. She has mentioned that she likes the extra girth when I use the pump, but not to get it too thick. I like to get it in as deep as possible but sometimes she has an orgasm BEFORE I get it in all the way. I am 7 5/8 inches bpel. And 5.5 inches girth NON-Pumped. I usually pump to around 6-6 1/4 inch girth. If I pump up to 7 inches girth it is too thick for her and I can tell she does not orgasm well this way.

Thanks guys for your replies.

As far as I know all female orgasms are clitoral, the so called vaginal orgasms happen when the backside of the clitoris is stimulated from inside the vagina. This is possible since the clitoris isn’t just the little button that you can see, it actually consists of much more tissue and is shaped like an upside down “Y”. When the clitoral tissue gets stimulated it gets blood-filled just like a penis and that’s one of the reasons why a woman’s vagina can feel tighter when she’s really aroused and about to come.

So this far we seem to have established that a bigger penis to some extent is favourable when it comes to give women vaginal orgasms. Especially the girth seems important. Is there anyone out there who hasn’t been able to give women vaginal orgasms before PE and now after PE can give women these pleasurable experiences using their penis only?

Also thank you thickone1740 for sharing your experience on what seems to be an ideal girth. Anyone else who has a similar experience?

Just to be specific, I’m looking for the ideal penis size that will maximize the possibility of giving the average woman a vaginal orgasm.

I know some women orgasm easier than others and all women have different sized vaginas and it’s also about how you use your penis and how you are as a lover otherwise and so on.

Thick one, at what pressure do you achieve .5-.75 inches of expansion out of the pump?

I always gave my wife clitoris orgasm by positioning in such a way the base of the penis where it attaches to the pub bone area rubbed on the clit.

It wasn’t until I hit 6.5 BPEL that i was able to give her consistent vaginal orgasms.

Starting Stats: BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.375 <> Current Stats: BPEL = 7.25, EG = 4.6

My wife claims that clitoral and vaginal orgasms feel quite different, and I have heard a few others say so as well. Others seem not to appreciate any difference. Women report orgasms with anal sex in which stimulation of the internal crura of the clitoris appears rather unlikely. And women can also experience orgasms while asleep, as men can, in which there isn’t any actually physical stimulation.

As for my experience, the women that I have observed to regularly orgasm with vaginal sex probably did require a fair bit of indirect clitoral stimulation through close pubic contact, but a few also seemed to require very specific positioning of my penis in some deeper portion of their vaginas as well.

Originally Posted by shiby916

Is that 2” wide or are you saying you don’t need a long penis to achieve vaginal orgasms? I think anywhere from 5.5” to 6” girth will give a vaginal orgasm. Unless she has a bucket fanny… .

2” long and any girth.


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