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How large penis is needed to give women vaginal orgasms

Ok, love the conversations but curious about this answer. My wife said b4 when she messed around she never could have an orgasm by intercourse and says most woman usually can’t. However, don’t you think if we train r penis in a differant shape so to speak, maybe it would be able to rub up against her clit during intercourse. I know since I’ve been using the program, my penis has actually started standing more upward at the tip. I know she likes it because when I’m doing my thing, she says it hits spots like never b4. I’m still learning and not sure if that’s even in r training here for shaping but can someone let me know where I might find that info? Also, I can’t imagine having a better feeling then giving her an orgasm at the sametime as me banging ( I mean during intercourse) would make me so much more aroused. Thanks all for good info.

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Originally Posted by ArchimedesX
Just to be specific, I’m looking for the ideal penis size that will maximize the possibility of giving the average woman a vaginal orgasm.

I know some women orgasm easier than others and all women have different sized vaginas and it’s also about how you use your penis and how you are as a lover otherwise and so on.

First, I have to post this link: Most Women Don’t Climax During Vaginal Intercourse

But I know you know that info already. You are specifically looking for the “magic” number that maximizes the chance of a woman having a vaginal orgasm.

Of course, I doubt there are any studies on this, so how can we know? But if I were to hazard a guess, I would say for the average woman, girth is a bigger deal than length, but too girthy could be a problem. If you put a gun to my head and made me answer, I would say 6” of girth. But as I said, we can never know, and certianly there are many higher priority items on that list.

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

I read a reference to a study done that said anything over 14.5cm in length results in a 30% higher chance of orgasm in some crummy women’s magazine. They didn’t cite their reference obviously, just stated “some study”. They mentioned nothing of girth.

But we all know how full of wisdom those girly mags are, right?

All things considered (quickies, long-term relationships, blowjobs) I think the ideal size is 7.5”BPEL x 5.5”MSEG. However, men are greedy and excessive with such ego related things, and once they get there, most will want just a little bit more!:leftie:

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Current Goal:--->7.6" BPEL X 5.8" MSEG Do or do not, there is no "try".

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Hey let_it_work,
Nice post but next time leave out the chat speak (“b4”, “r” for “our”, etc.)..

Have a look at Posting Requirements to see the standard we are aiming for here. :Up:

Thank you for letting me know about my chat speak. I have to remember that this isn’t a quick chat and should be more respected. Thanks again for your reminder.

Originally Posted by Tweaking

I also believe that this third determinant, that of women being unable to let go, is exacerbated by the second determinant, that of men being poor, unaware, lovers.


To my understanding some women don’t ever get the chance to experience

A orgasm during actual intercourse from a penis. It really all depends on how

Excited you get her before starting. For play works wonders. I’m 6.5 length 4.5 girth

And I was able to give my ex multiple orgasms. Their G spot is within fingers reach on the top of the vaginal wall.

So put her in a position where you can hit that and go to town. There aren’t really any requirements. It’s all in her mind

All these responses and no true answer. There is no size to give a girl a vaginal orgasm. Its not maybe 6 or at least 5-5.5 girth. Find a good lover and an open minded girl that is into it and she will have an orgasm with almost any size. I’m sure I can give my current girlfriend an orgasm without any clitoral stimulation if my penis was 4.5x 4.5.

Connect with the girl mentally and emotionally and be a skilled lover and that will increase your chances of giving her a vaginal orgasm, not enlarging your dick by half an inch. Seems like we tend to waste time on the less important things to achieve a certain goal. We all want to make our penis’ bigger and should do it for ourselves or help our insecurities, but if your main goal is to give her an orgasm by increasing the size your taking the long way around to reach a finish line that may not exist.

So to answer your question there is no certain size, or even ballpark of size. Of course a micro dick say 2x3 may run into a problem, but any average penis on 99% of the male population is capable of giving a girl a vaginal orgasm. And if you don’t work in the clitoris too and eventually you’ll get A orgasm, and that is mainly what the girl cares about. I can guarantee you all these terms you care more about than her obviously.

To quote a wise man in a movie from the 90’s……”Gold jacket, green jacket? Who gives a shit?” Vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm……..give her an orgasm and then work on making it better. Don’t abandon the orgasm just to get her a “different type” of orgasm because an orgasm is an orgasm. Make em feel like they have the best body in the world and they are above the rest and the only thing that matters then and if you only give her a clitoral orgasm, it will probably be better in her head than any vaginal orgasm that she has had in the past with someone just focusing on that and that only.

Enjoy sex, don’t overthink it.

I found the best way to give a chick a squirting O, is using the fingers in n up and down motion hitting that G spot fast and hard.

I gave the wife a squirting one last night just using the tip, maybe 2 inches in at most. It was so hard she locked me out!

PE for yourself, not for anyone else.

Began 9/12/12 BPEL 5.0 El 4.75 BPSFL 5.5 MEG 5.0 BEG 5.25 FL 1-3 FG 4.0

Current 12/3/12 BPEL 5.625 EL 5.0 MEG 5.0 BEG 5.25 FL 2-3.5 FG 4 BPFSL 6.325

I think that length comes into play when you’re trying to hit the so called ‘Deep Spot’, or ‘Cul-de-sac’.
I also think that a curve can help when it comes to trying to hit the GSpot.
( ^^ Some people consider GSpot orgasms to be different than vaginal orgasms)

Originally Posted by tedlarson
Bottom line though, comes down to how you use it and if she’s capable of having a vaginal orgasm.

I agree with the quoted post.
Sometimes I feel that the woman may just need to be (more) in touch with her body.
My current girlfriend for example isn’t very in touch with her body & her sexuality (in my opinion), and as such she has a lot of trouble having vaginal orgasms.
In fact it was difficult & took a while just to get her to have clitoral orgasms.
I love her a bunch though, so I put up with it. :)

Originally Posted by shiby916
I think anywhere from 5.5” to 6” girth will give a vaginal orgasm.

Girth definitely helps, as it provides more friction from what I hear.
Most women claim that more girth equals more pleasure for them.
Thus most women claim they prefer girth (over length).
Where as most men prefer length (over girth). (In my opinion)
( ^^ I’m guessing that is because it looks better visually, in my opinion)

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To give a woman an orgasm, I think a penis has to be large enough to reach from its base to its tip.

If you do enough foreplay, and do it really good you can give a girl an orgasm no mather what size.

Just google for: female erogenous zones. And you know exactly what to do

My girlfriend is very open and has given me the “dirty.” I will now share.

Her ex boyfriend was very large. She estimates about 8 in length and about 5.5 in girth (probably a little less because she over estimated my size). Anyway she said the length was nice but didn’t really make that much of a difference. It was the girth. She said he felt really good because of it. However, she did not vaginally orgasm that often during sex with him. The reason? He did not last more than 5-10 minutes, he did not have any “moves,” and was relatively boring in bed (compared to me).

I on the other hand am not that big. I am 5.65 BPEL and 4.55 EG. On average can give her 2-3 vaginal orgasms per “session.” Many times this is done without any foreplay. One time I have given her 5 orgasms before I came once. She says that even though my girth doesn’t feel quite as good as her ex’s, my ability to last long, “moves,” passion, and technique make our sex the best sex she has ever had. She only started to really orgasm often with me. We also really love each other and orgasms are partially mentally induced so that helps too.

The take away from this is that yes, larger size (mainly girth) will help you stimulate her but if that’s what you are relying on, you probably are not going to get the job done.


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