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How large penis is needed to give women vaginal orgasms


How large penis is needed to give women vaginal orgasms

Hi all!

I’m a new member and this is my first post. Having said that, I will now move on to the subject.

My goal with PE isn’t any specific measurements of my penis, my goal is to give women vaginal orgasms using my penis only. Since I’ve never given a woman such an orgasm, I wonder if any of you who has always been big or has grown a lot have any idea of how big penis you need to give women vaginal orgasms? Of course you women out there are more than welcome to reply as well.

Thank you for reading.

Both women I have had sex with multiple times have had vaginal orgasms, one had them consistently and multiple ones in one session, the other I have given a few, but more clitoral. My penis is nothing spectacular either, 6.5 bp by 4.6 girth..I got good length, just wish I had a little bit more girth. Bottom line though, comes down to how you use it and if shes capable of having a vaginal orgasm.

Technically, all you need is 2”. However, the women needs to be aware of the short size and be willing to work with it. I am sure if you surprise her with it, you are not going to get very far.

O Tamanho do PNI para ELAS

Oi UE tambem sou Novato, Aqui mas UE ja vi muitas Entrevistas Sobre ESSE Assunto e a maioria das Mulheres Diz a MESMA Coisa: o Tamanho nao é o Mais Importante. Bem, se formos Pela Lógica o Tamanho nao IMPORTA MESMO afinal a Parte Mais sensível da vagina São OS 2 UO 3 Centimetros INICIAIS nd Entrada mas UE tambem ja Ouvi ALGUMAS dizendo Que um pênis Entre 15 e 18 cm de comprimento e de 13 a 15 de Circunferência é o ideal para Dar Prazer SEM Machucar.

Muitos Homens ma pênis enormes, e acabam machucando a Mulher. Se oque vc realmente quer é proporcionar muito prazer a ela não esqueça: antes de penetra-la, dê um belo banho de gato nela ( use a lingua e faça um sexo oral bem demorado ) depois que ela tiver o primeiro orgasmo, você a penetra e aí não importa tanto o tamanho, o tesão dela vai estar tão grande que que ela nem vai notar se o seu pinto é pequeno

Espero ter ajudado

@Eliu: Thank you for your reply but could you please write in English?

@Tedlarson & dtwarren1942: Thank you for your reply. Okay good to know, I’m currently 6,6” BPEL and 6,2” NBEL. I haven’t measured my girth yet. I do believe that size matters in giving a woman a vaginal orgasm since you have to get pressure on her g-spot (which really is the backside of the clitoris) which is located somewhere at the upper wall inside the vagina. It would be interesting to know if any guy hasn’t been able to give a specific woman vaginal orgasms pre PE and then has been able to give her vaginal orgasms after he reached a certain size.

Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
Technically, all you need is 2”. However, the women needs to be aware of the short size and be willing to work with it. I am sure if you surprise her with it, you are not going to get very far.

Is that 2” wide or are you saying you don’t need a long penis to achieve vaginal orgasms? I think anywhere from 5.5” to 6” girth will give a vaginal orgasm. Unless she has a bucket fanny… .

Starting stats: 7" EL x 5" EG Current stats: 7.1" EL x 5.125" EG Goal : 7.5" x 5.75"

@Shiby916: Thank you for your reply. Okay yes you’re probably right that the girth is the most important and you only need a somewhat normal length. So your bet is 5,5”-6”, anyone else?

At ~6 BPEL and 5 MSEG I gave my girlfriend a vaginal orgasm and multiple orgasms. It really is how you use it.

Roughly, using a Google searched translator, he said:

Hiya EU also am Novice, here but EU ja vi many interviews on THIS matter and the majority of women is the same thing: the size isn’t the most important. Well, if we are by the logic the Size SHOULD not EVEN after all the most sensitive part of the vagina are 2 UO 3 Centimetros INITIALS nd Entry but EU also ja I have heard some by saying that a penis Between 15 and 18 cm in length and 13 to 15 circumference is the ideal give Pleasure WITHOUT wound.

I think this varies greatly from woman to woman, and I think her mindset will usually be more important than the size of your penis.

But I don’t think size is completely irrelevant either. As for girth, I have heard some woman say they need a fairly girthy cock, and others say that they have a harder time if the guy is thicker than average. As for length, if the woman is one who benefits from stimulation of the so-called G-spot, then a shorter length might even be beneficial and shape may matter as much as size.

I have had a couple of lovers who seemed to be able to orgasm pretty consistently from stimulation of the deep vaginal areas (cul-de-sac and/or epicenter of AFE zone) and for them a cock of about 6 1/2” to 7” insertable length seemed to work best. Other partners I have had did not seem to derive any pleasurable benefit from real deep penetration, however.

@UM1991: Okay seems to me that we have about the same size. Then what would you recommend in terms of position/technique to give a woman a vaginal orgasm?

doggy style was the first time it happened.

Size helps, but it’s not a question of “What’s the threshold that makes women orgasm?” When you realize that, you will become a better lover.


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well, i can give a girl a vag “O” with one finger so technically that’s all you need. BUT, and i stress that but, a finger 7 inches long and 1.6 inches thick is doing a lot better of a job for me.

Start (aug '09) 6x5

Current [(AUG'10) 7 x 5.25] [(OCT'10) 7.25 x 5.3] [(OCT'12) 7.5 x 5.5]

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