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How do you warm up?

How do you warm up?

At the top of the front page where you get an introduction to PE, the first bulletpoint mentioned for Jelqing is “Do not perform any PE exercise without warming up first.” However it’s not specific as to what is considered a warm up. Is it stretches? But aren’t stretches the “main course” along with jelqing? Or does it mean I should get a hot towel to wrap around my unit to warm it up. I read that heat loosens the ligaments and therefore helps PE. What do you guys do to warm up?

I warm up by using a warm compress - a gel pack that I got from a doctor that can be used as a cold pack or heat pack.

I nuke it for a minute and then I put it on my stuff for about 5 minutes.

My balls look like grandpa balls after the pack - they hang really low.

Then I do stretches for 10 minutes, do the warm pack again for 5, jelq, clamp then another 5 minutes of heat pack.

To tell you the truth the heat pack is the thing I like the best. It feels so good.

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I’ve seen those heat packs. They have little rocks in them and get pretty hot after microwaving it a bit. I wonder if those rocks are special in a way to keep all that heat for such a long time. Is it safe?

Without going to the doctor, how would I get myself one of those things? I know I can make one with some uncooked rice placed in a sock according to the FAQ but there must be something I can just buy instead.

I use an electric heat pad that I bought at Target for about 15 bucks.

“Warm up” is very literal in it’s meaning; you should physically heat up your dick and the area around it. Most guys use a warmed up washcloth or rice sock and hold it on their member for a few minutes to relax the ligs and other interior elements of the penis, which tends to allow for safer, more productive stretching. Methods vary widely from the previously mentioned washcloths and rice socks, to electric heating pads, to hot baths or showers. For more info, do a search for “hotwrap” or “hot AND wrap”. You should find tons of information in the returned threads.

I flop my dong in the sink and run hot water over it. Then I fill up my vacuum pump tube with hot water and slap that sucker on. And pump it up just enough to stay on the weenie without falling off.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I dunk it in a cup of medium-hot water for 5 minutes.

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I use the “moist heat” pack marketed specifically for PE that I bought on-line a few years ago. It’s shaped to fit snugly over your goods. I nuke it for 45 seconds and it keeps everything nice and warm for about 15 minutes.

I used to use a sock filled with uncooked rice that i microwaved and it stayed decently warm for about 5 minutes

then I would sit on the edge of the tub with my feet in the tub, and turn on the water decently hot and pour water over my cock and balls while timing for 5 minutes

now the longer I do PE I figure out the most comfortable lazy way to warm up and that is by getting one of these Walmart heat pads, placing them in my lap, and putting a pillow over it for a good 10 minutes to really warm up the unit.

The heat pad seems to be the easiest, most comfortable, and less labor intensive of all the warm up techniques.

Hope this helps.

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Just curious, can I use warm water from the shower head to warm up? The transfer of heat is much better if the water is running.

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