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How do you dry jelq uncut do you kegal between jelqs

How do you dry jelq uncut do you kegal between jelqs

I’m uncircumcised and if I try to dry jelq I feel pressure in the head of my penis idk if thats a good they but obviously when uncut its hard to do if I kegal in between jelqs would that work would it keep blood in the penis

You could kegel before each stroke but shouldn’t consider that as a beginner. To avoid pressure in your glans try not touching the CS (underside). Focus more on the sides of the penis.

And before the mods come here you should probably also look through your post and apply correct punctuation. ;)

So using my thumb and the figure beside it (don’t know the name of it ) but pressure on the sides? And jelq.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

Yes, thumb and index finger on each side of the penis is a popular grip. Then squeeze firmly (but don’t try to strangle your dick) and move your hand towards the head.

whats the benefits to dry jelqing if i do 10mins dry and 10-15 wet will there be better results then just 20 mins wet

PE is no exact science, you’ll just have to try it out and see what works best for you.

Some say dry jelqs are more intense which tells you you should be more careful with them to avoid injury. It’s not the same thing as saying they will give you faster gains because that seems to vary too much between individuals.

The biggest advantage with dry jelqs as I see it is that you don’t have to mess around with lube.

I tried to do the dry jelq thing today and not sure I’m going at it right, but did the ok grip.

i did the ok grip to and i felt pressure in the head of my penis and stayed harder or some what erect longer. but foreskin got in the way

What do you mean by foreskin got in the way? The skin on your penis is supposed to act as lubricant when dry jelqing. Grip your penis with thumb and index finger, fingers fixated on the skin and the skin and fingers move towards the glans. Don’t jelq the glans, stop before you reach it. The foreskin can be retracted or covering your glans, it doesn’t matter.

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