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Proper way to dry jelq

Hi everyone, I’m new at Thundersplace but not at PE’ing (although I don’t know half as much as you guys out there). I tried to start a new thread, but was not allowed. I just want to ask about the proper way to DRY JELQ. Instead of disrespecting the search feature, I would like to explain how I do the dry jelq, and would appreciate it greatly if anyone could fix any mistakes I have.

1. I’m uncircumcised. Dry jelqs at 50% erection.
2. Roll foreskin back, right hand start at base and dry jelq to mid-shaft (foreskin rolls over head)
3. Pull foreskin back.
4. Repeat step #2 with left hand.
5. Continue.

1. What should be the proper erection level?
2. Should I dry jelq from base to head, or stop midway?
3. If stop midway, where should I put in the mid-shaft to head, or is it even necessary at all?

Thank you for reading this.

-Started April 2007 at BPEL 5.5” x 4.0”
-December 2007 at BPEL 6.25” x 4.375”
-Have continued to PE (mostly wet jelqs, stretches, and holds) but haven’t gained since.


You can start a new thread; it would just have to be in the Newbies Forum until you have more posts here. I split your post from the previous thread to a new thread under Main Members.

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1. What should be the proper erection level?
I’m not one for using a scale because it is an empirical observation, at best. I just make sure it is very plump and full, but without any tightness in the tunica. You should be able to completely compress the circumference where you are squeezing. When you do squeeze, the blood above that point should cause an expansion at least as good or greater than your best erection.

2. Should I dry jelq from base to head, or stop midway?
I stroke up to the circ scar - sometimes the corona if my erection level is dropping. From what I understand, most circumcised guys can’t do a full stroke, but since you’re uncut you should have no problem.

3. If stop midway, where should I put in the mid-shaft to head, or is it even necessary at all?
I’m not sure what you are asking here.

I do not switch hands every stroke. I do as many as 25 reps before switching, but that decreases as the set progresses, due to fatigue. This allows me to keep my grip placed in the right spot, which has to be pretty precise to allow for a full stroke.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

Hey Slipstream, I tried out your advice and it helped a lot, especially the part about keeping the same hand for a number of reps before switching. However, I just started doing the dry jelqs yesterday, and today there was pain at the base of the penis. This pain was external, looking like cuts or rashes. It might have something to do with fingernails, dry skin, or hair tugging, and I’ve decided to take today off to heal. Have you encountered this problem in regards to dry jelqing? How do I prevent this from happening? Thank you.

I haven’t experienced anything I would describe as cuts, but as far as rashes, I have had petechiae, chaffing and ingrown hairs.

The petechiae usually disappear after I get conditioned, but can still occur after breaks or if I have too hard of an erection.

I seem to get less chaffing when I keep my pubes trimmed a little shorter. Of any of these problems, I would guess you may be describing severe chaffing. I’ve also heard that baby powder can help avoid chaffing. I’ve tried it, but I prefer to avoid anything that smells, makes noise or requires cleanup since I’m operating in stealth.

I’ve only had ingrown hairs after shaving with a razor, chemical hair removal, or plucking - basically, anything that removes the hair at or below the surface of the pore. Clippers keep them long enough to avoid ingrown hairs and not be uncomfortable for my wife during sex. It’s a shame I get ingrowns because I prefer to pluck them.

Heat seems to help all of these conditions heal faster. Ingrown hairs really demand taking a break to heal, otherwise you’ll create really ugly blood blisters.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG


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