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how do i speed up thrombosed vein healing?

how do i speed up thrombosed vein healing?

Ok, so Ive been jelqin and clamping for over a year now…gained about half inch in girth

Got a thrombosed vein for the first time last week, 3 days ago….I was stupid enough to try jelq and clamp today, but it didnt feel right with that thing…Its pea sized and feels like one of those bad acne pimples, you know, the ones you get under the skin. I know its bad, it looks and feels gross, it also moves along with my skin….is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process? I dunno does jelqin help? Maybe poke it wit a needle? you know whatever, help me out, this thing sucks cuz I know I shouldn’t be clamping with it. If I stop touching my penis at all how long do I have to wait??

IMO i wouldn’t do anything until it heals, i stopped clamping a while ago because i kept getting them. I waited until it healed then clamped only without jelqing, stretching or wanking for a few days and i still got one, so i gave up on it. Poke it with a needle? I wouldn’t, but maybe someone else knows more? Heat helped mine?

Sounds like an ingrown hair.

Thrombosed veins are usually “string-like,” hard, hot, painful and the skin over them is red. They are not as common as some here think they are.

Let it heal by itself. No needles, etc. Your dick can resume it’s new growth after this little problem goes away. No need to be in such a hurry for gains that you make things worse.

I have had something like this, search the forums about it, there is a lot of useful information. When this happened to me, it was from stretching too hard for too long, but i waited a week, then did some very very light stretching and jelking, but i could feel it right away, there was never any pain. So i waited one more week, it went away, then i waited a few more days before starting on PE again and starting over, kind of.

I did take aspirin everyday though, but i would do some more research before doing anymore PE, and i really do not think using a needle on it is a good idea, i think time and rest (leave your penis alone) is the best.

awww a WHOLE entire week without PE?? haha thats like taking the needle away from an addict. Oh well…wow I aint gonna give up clamping though, I gained half an inch with it….well and now the wait begins…=(

I ended up waiting two weeks. Yeah i know what you mean about the addiction.

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