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How did you find Thunder's Place ??

Theres a link on…

Did a google search on penis enlargement, one of the posts came up and I clicked over to the site.

I found my way here from Meso-Rx. A body building forum. The guys were giving someone there a hard time about being the owner or mod. I think they were just messing with him. Heck, maybe he is one of those?


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IIRC I found this place at a blog of some guy who was testing PE pills.

I actually don’t remember where I found that guys blog though.

I was amazingly drunk and had just overheard a group of (equally drunk) people discussing penis size. Thank God for Google’s spell-checking!

The old , I am probably misspelling it.

i was searching in google for penis pumping and this word came on one of the google links thats said jelqing and took me to one of your forums that had a post with that word and started looking around in here and i loved it and read and learned from your info and post and i knew this is what i was looking for since pumping kinda deforms your penis, and hek if i can do it for free and in my home i will take it , nothing lost inches gained

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey new guys,
Help me out here. Let me know how you found out about the forums here. Thanks !!

I used, and entered “Penis enlargement” on the search query and some other page led me to this site.

I found it YEARS ago. I used to be a member at the old peforum and one day I heard people talking about this site and decided to come check it out. Lurked for over 2 years and now here I am.

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Just happened to find it doing a PE search. So glad I found Thunder’s Place!

Actually I was searching for Thundercats. I friggin’ love the Thundercats.

In it for the long run (and the long one!).


Hi banamb,

Welcome to the forum. I hope you get more verbose as time goes by :)

I found it from an idle search on google with ‘penis’. Noticed a site for large penis, (forget the actual name) and they had a link to Thunder’s Place.

And, What I like about the site is its freshness and honest talk without embarrassment.

A truly great site.

i was searching through google on penis sizes, and i came across this website on called penis size debate. there was a link to thunder’s place and i decided to check it out. i was impressed by the encouraging environment in the forums, so i decided to register, heh.


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