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How did you find Thunder's Place ?? from a guy I guess that goes by KOG here.

Internet search.

I was a young lad, 3 years old, and I was walking along in Northern Ireland. I had to pee, and couldn’t find a bathroom, so I went on the side of the road.

A “Local” came by, a Teacher, who also did some farming, and had some farm animals, he raised big Cocks. Anyway, the Cock Farmer said, “Lad, you have a small flaccid length there, why dont you go to Thunders Place, I dont mean to give unsolicited advice, just want to help you out, so you dont have a 2nd belly button there, I mean, that thing couldn’t break a Cherrio”, and so that’s my story.

The other story is, I was looking for Power Jelqer info, and came acorss the “Newbie” thread, the guys name was Newbie, and he discussed how he jelqed 15 minutes a day, blah blah blah, And I was off, like a Bull with gas.

Not true everybody!!! Well not completely!!! I’m just not into cocks, well I am in a way, but not in a big way.

Now I’m totally confused as to what I’m in to. Thanks for that SM!!!

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Jeez Rouss, I changed the names to protect the non-innocent, and here you are running around with the bullhorn, trying to splain, what it is, that you do do.

Be proud of those cocks, Man! Raise them to be the biggest in all the land. Dont hold back.

And remember, no Irishman stands taller, than he who stoops to help a short changed American. <told myself I would cry>

It couldn’t have been me SM, I’m certain I would have remembered, I never forget even the smallest of things.

BTW, Mrs. Piet has gone missing!!! All I’m left with is an ugly cock which is unlikely to look any better even if it does get bigger, which is also highly unlikely!

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:


Google as well, under a search for ‘free penis enlargement’

Best search I ever made. I’ve only been PEing for about 10 days. I haven’t measured yet and won’t for about another month, but I do think it is working. My technique is starting to get better now as well. This is my first post, but I sure enjoy reading all the useful feedback from others. Especially the Sr. Members. Thanks guys!


Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice

Downloaded a PE book from a P2P server, in the back of the book was a link to a site. When I clicked on that site a page came up that said it had been moved here. Viola! here I am.

Through google, when searching for “penis extender” I got up a reference to Capn’s Wench.


Google - searching for ‘free penis enlargement’


Google :) searching about jelqing

I just found this place yesterday from searching on yahoo. Saw this site and thought ‘what the hell, it wouldn’t hurt to try out.’ My fiance already thinks it looks thicker after to little workouts. Thanks alot! :)



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