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How can I get normal hard erections again. advice needed


How can I get normal hard erections again. advice needed

Hi, I have a question on how to get easy hard erections again.

I am 30 years old and in the last few years my erection hardness and the achieving of an erection has become less than It used to be years before that. When I am having sex it is getting medium hard but not close to rock hard and I really need to be aroused to get a proper erection going. What exercises can I do to get a easy hard erection again?

First off, we need a little basic background info to see if there is a lifestyle change you can make to improve your erections.

Do you have a healthy low fat diet or are you overweight? Do you smoke or drink a lot? Do you do any fitness exercises? Do you sleep well?

You don’t need to be in super athletic shape.

But after all, the penis is actually part of the body, and if the body is not healthy, how can the penis be healthy?

The technique’s here will help your erection like you will not believe, but they can’t fix a seriously unhealthy penis. (Well maybe they can.)

If you feel that your health is not a problem, I think that jelqing is a miracle exercise when done properly, meaning not too hard.

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Kegels and jelqing do wonders for erection quality.

I do fitness training in the gym for about one hour 2 to 3 times a week and I eat healthy, vegetables and 2 or more pieces of fruit a day. I am in a healthy condition … 184cm long and weigh about 76kg so it is not the overweight. I sleep 8 hours a day.. Sometimes a little less but on the average I sleep enough. The erection problems just started to get worse in the last years…

I’ve been playing around with penis creams and pumps a bit for fun over the last … well lets say 5 years, but not for the last 12 months or so. I also use Fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac) antidepressant that could play parts, but I am using it for a long time even before I noticed the problems. I am just looking for a way to get that little sucker back up and running without the use of medical stuff. I really hope you can help me out a bit.

That may be just what happened Dabuzz. There are NO antidepressants that do not affect erection quality and libido. The only anti depressant that does not affect libido only would be Wellbutryn. Prozac is known to have problems with erectile quality. It falls into the category of a long term SSRI. This means that not only will your erection quality suffer once the drug is firmly in your system, however it will also be harder to achieve orgasm.

Hope I have helped.

The most suspect for your problem is the Prozac which is on a long list of drugs that can cause erectile difficulty.…entid=100062465

It is probably having an accumulative effect where by the longer you take it for, the more it contributes to your problem.

I would say you might want to talk to your doctor about reducing your Prozac dose, or you can dig your pump out of the closet and read up on a beginners pump routine in Avocet’s Vacuum Pumping 101 thread in the Pumpers Forum. Also read Avocet’s thread on Pumping to eliminate ED. Just for the hell of it, you can also talk to your doc about a 10mg Cialis prescription to kick start your erections.

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I have been on Venlafaxine(Effexor), Deroxat, Fluoxetine(just 1 month) and Lexotanil for a year. They seriously affected my sexual activities. If I were you, I would consult my psychiatrist and try a different drug with little side effect. The thing about some psychiatrists, they’ll put you on a drug without even warning you about the side effects. Even if they did, they’ll say it occurs only in the 5% of people who tried it. What if you end up being in those 5%? Really a bunch of medical assholes.

Anyways, I strongly advise you to try ballooning (do not cum before, during and after the session), jelqing and kegels.

Wishing you all the best.

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Thank you all for the advice, I will try the jelqing and kegel exercises … and uh the ballooning when I know what it means. And if that does not work, then I will get back to the doctor to stop using the Prozac.

So this “ballooning” how can I do that exactly, masturbating without touching the glance till you’re about to pop and then take it easy a bit and after that you keep repeating that. So I will masturbate by stimulating my entire penis but not touching the glace if I am correct. And then there is the spot… what spot is that exactly, is it under your belly and just above your penis. And do I rub it gently or do I use a bit pressure to push between the penis and the area just above the penis I guess pushing rotating movements or upward downward does not really matter. It is supposed to be stimulated to get that erection a bit harder and holding the blood flow up there if I am correct.

I guess it all depends from person to person, when I was on anti depressants (+ sleeping pills) I couldn’t get hard if I touched myself. It was like my penis was in a deep sleep. BUT, I had a girlfriend during my anti depressant and sleeping pills, and although I could not even get it erect for 5% manually, when I was with that girl, I always had a hard on. Until today I haven’t figured that out exactly.

Don’t take me on my word about ballooning, but perhaps it’s better that you use some lube. In my case this makes it easier to maintain a proper erection.
It is said that you shouldn’t stroke while ballooning, but instead only using your fingertips. I couldn’t maintain a proper erection when using my fingertips so I had to stroke.
After putting some lube and wrapping it around my penis and on my hands, I did ‘half strokes’. Meaning each stroke ended under my glans.
Because of the lube I was able to maintain my erection and it was actually pretty damn hard. Though after about 10 minutes I lost it and stopped.
I think that if you really can’t get it up again while ballooning, you should stop. But that’s only my guess, and who am I?! ;)

I can get an erection and when I keep stimulating the little fella it will stay erect. .. I am not supposed to stroke?? What am I supposed to do then?

Originally Posted by dabuzz
I can get an erection and when I keep stimulating the little fella it will stay erect. .. I am not supposed to stroke?? What am I supposed to do then?

Lets get you to the doctor first to change your medication from Prozac to Welbutrin first. Then we’ll talk ballooning. Don’t drink caffeine either if you can help it.

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I do not drink caffeine for more than 6 moths and I don’t think going to the doctor will help allot for now.. So how can we balloon.

Do an advanced search for ballooning in the title. Here is just one result of many: Sweet rewards - ballooning works

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